Air Purifiers

Getting the Most Out of Air Purifiers

Most people buy air purifiers as a shortcut to improve the air quality of their homes. Although it can be a solution, many factors can keep you from reaping the full benefits. For the best results, try the tips below when deciding to buy an air purifier: 1. Get the Right System Air purifiers come …

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Air Cleaners

How Do Air Cleaners Work?

With rising concerns about air quality, people are becoming more interested in buying air cleaners. Also known as an air purifier, this appliance is said to remove impurities in your indoor air, giving you cleaner air to breathe. But with various types of pollutants in the air, how do air cleaners manage to neutralize them? …

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IAQ Accessory Repair

IAQ Accessory Repair

Improved air quality is what people need, especially during this pandemic. In fact, there are accessories that people can choose from to keep their air free from contaminants. From electronic air cleaners to UV air treatment systems, these accessories help to ensure that people are receiving clean and safe air. However, there will come a …

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indoor air pollutants

Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants to Anticipate

To maintain the indoor air quality in your home, the first thing you need to know is what pollutants to anticipate. Next, you need to determine their possible sources and find a way to minimize the risk of pollution. Here are the most common indoor air pollutants that you need to pay attention to: 1. …

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know air quality index

Air Quality FAQ

Our senses are not reliable enough to tell how good the air is in our environment. Therefore, we need the Air Quality Index (AQI) as an accurate measurement. It is a system used to measure the concentration of pollution contained in the air of one specific area. Limiting yourself to being indoors doesn’t guarantee your …

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What Causes Poor AQI?

Air pollution is dangerous to public health. Therefore, it is the government’s responsibility to measure and inform the public on the air quality in a specific area at a particular time. An air quality index (AQI) is a tool used by government agencies to measure an area’s pollution level and predict the future. The air …

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Air Conditioners Cause Air Pollution

Do Air Conditioners Cause Air Pollution?

Not only can air conditioners cause air pollution, but they also contribute to global warming, which is already a serious concern for our planet. It may seem impossible to give up using air conditioners, but there are a few ways we can try to minimize the risk.  Here are three ways air conditioners cause air …

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Benefits of reme-halo

Benefits of REME HALO

For properties with central air conditioners, REME HALO can be a good alternative to combat indoor air quality problems. Unlike a regular purifier, this in-duct air purifying system doesn’t wait for the pollutants to come and get trapped in the filter. Instead, it actively goes after them and neutralizes them. How Does the System Work? …

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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Home

How Improving Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Home

Breathable air is one of the basic necessities to live. However, it is difficult to pay attention to the quality of the air that you breathe, especially since you cannot measure it without special scientific equipment. Foul smells will not give you enough information. Without even noticing, improving indoor air quality may affect your household. …

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keep indoor air clean

How to Keep Indoor Air Clean

The air we breathe in can affect our health significantly. Many respiratory and allergic problems occur due to air pollution inside the house. Hence, it is essential to keep indoor air clean in every household. Fortunately, keeping the air inside your home clean is not that hard. There are a few simple tips and tricks that you …

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