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Commercial AC Maintenance

We provide maintenance check-ups and regular tune-ups for commercial buildings in Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River and Martin counties. To schedule HVAC maintenance in our office, commercial building, or industrial facility, contact us today.

If the HVAC system in your office, commercial building or industrial facility has ever broken, then you are one of many who knows how much of an inconvenience a broken comfort system can be. At East Coast Mechanical, Inc. your comfort is our highest priority. You can prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs in your commercial property with regular HVAC maintenance from ECM.

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Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Just like bringing your car in for an oil change and tire rotation, your commercial heating and cooling system requires routine maintenance in order to run as efficiently as possible. Some benefits of scheduling and performing regular HVAC maintenance include:

Increased efficiency – a well maintained heating and cooling system ensures your equipment isn’t overworking, minimizes energy use, and maximizes comfort.

Prevent future repairs – commercial HVAC maintenance is used to detect early warning signs of breakdown and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Provide a healthy working environment – regular HVAC maintenance on your building’s heating and cooling equipment ensures only the highest quality of air is being circulated throughout your workspace.

Peace of mind – don’t worry about unexpected, costly repairs. With routine HVAC maintenance, we’ll catch any problems before they turn into expensive repairs. And much more!

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants/Catering facilities
  • Municipal & public buildings
  • Condominiums & apartment complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Shopping malls
  • And more!
Commercial air conditioning Maintenance
Commercial AC Maintenance
Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial AC Maintenance Agreement

Learn more about ECM’s comprehensive maintenance agreement and see and see how we can help you keep your A/C system problem free year-round.

  • Check & calibrate thermostat
  • Measure freon pressures levels
  • Change Filter
  • Check relays
  • Inspect contactor points
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Measure power consumption
  • Test safety float switch (if applicable)
  • Check compressor AMP draw
  • Check air temperature differential
  • Install clean-out ‘T’ – Flush with bleach
  • Check evaporator motors
  • Evaporator condensers motor
  • Check belts (if applicable)
  • Check electrical connection
  • Check heating functions
  • Vacuum and flush drain line
  • Rinse drain pan
  • Install algae tablets

Energy Savings

Preventative maintenance maximizes your equipment’s performance and efficiency, saving you money on energy. Dirty blower wheels and dirty coils all have a direct impact on your air conditioners air flow and drastically affect efficiency. This creates restrictive airflow and motors are forced to work harder resulting in loss of energy efficiency and a shorter lifespan of equipment. Having your A/C system serviced regularly will help you maximize your air conditioning system’s life expectancy and save you from unexpected breakdowns that can lead to costly repairs.

For more information about ECM’s maintenance programs, contact us. ECM offers plans for A/C Maintenance, Service & Repair and Home Service Warranty Contracts to keep your home appliances and systems working year round.

Commercial AC Maintenance Tips

Commercial AC Maintenance experts

Change Air Filters Routinely

The most basic type of maintenance for your A/C system is changing your air filters. Most air filters should be changed every month. Some filters are designed to last up to 90 days, but in high heat or in buildings with high occupant traffic, filters should be changed more often.

Drain Line Cleaning

Flushing your drain lines on a regular basis will prevent a drain line blockage and possible water damage to your home or business.

Air Quality

With regular preventative maintenance and regular filter changes you can improve the air quality in your building/business. Unchanged filters can become a bed for fungal growth allowing particles to be distributed within your environment.

A/C Service & Maintenance Contracts

ECM offers full parts and labor A/C Service Contracts that will protect you from unexpected and costly repair bills. The Service Contract covers service calls and unlimited labor and parts to repair your A/C. It also includes an annual 21 pt. tune-up.

Commercial AC repair

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