how do home warranties work

How Do Home Warranties Work

How do home warranties work? They cover repairs and replacements for your appliances for a specified period. Different appliances, such as heaters and air conditioners, are not safe from system breakdowns and occasional repairs no matter how durable they seem to be. Sometimes you will be surprised at how costly repairs can be. This is …

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Service America closing down - ecm home warranties former service america customers

ECM Offers Home Warranties to All Former Service America Customers

Service America Closing Down after 43 years. As reported by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, long-time home warranty company Service America is closing its doors after 43 years in business. The Fort Lauderdale-based company sold yearlong as well as multi-year warranty contracts to residential and commercial customers covering the failure of major electrical components — …

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home warranty service contracts

Sell More Homes with a Home Warranty Service Contract

If you’re a realtor and you’re working with clients, sometimes it’s the little perks that go along with the purchase that can make the difference. When you’re selling a home, you spend time on staging, photos and marketing the property. However, did you ever consider offering a home warranty service contract with a home you were selling in South Florida as an additional perk? If you’re having trouble selling an older property, offering a full service contract will give the home buyer peace of mind.

The home buyer will feel more comfortable about the purchase knowing they will have protection in case the appliances or cooling system is in need of replacement or repair. The last thing a home buyer wants to think about is spending money on repairs in their new home.

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