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A/C Efficiency
Loss is 5% a Year

Without regular air conditioning maintenance, the unit will lose about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. That means that the 13 SEER unit that you bought just a few years ago may be functioning like a 9 SEER unit today! The good news is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through regular AC maintenance. Studies show with regular tune-ups a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in your monthly electric bill savings and reduced repair costs.

AC Energy Savings

Preventative maintenance maximizes your AC equipment’s performance and efficiency, saving you money on energy. Dirty blower wheels and dirty coils all have a direct impact on your air conditioners air flow and drastically affect efficiency. This creates restrictive airflow and motors are forced to work harder resulting in loss of energy efficiency and a shorter lifespan of equipment. Having your A/C system serviced regularly will help you maximize your air conditioning system’s life expectancy and save you from unexpected breakdowns that can lead to costly repairs.

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ECM Offers a 29-Point AC Maintenance

Learn more about ECM’s 29-Point Comprehensive AC Maintenance Tune-Up and see how we can help
you keep your AC system problem-free, year-round.

  • Check Thermostat
  • Measure Freon Pressures
  • Clean Freon Levels
  • Clean Filter
  • Clean Relays
  • Inspect Contactor Points
  • Inspect Electrical Connections
  • Check Heating Function
  • Vacuum Exterior Drain Line
  • Clean & Vacuum Drain Pan
  • Rinse Drain Pan
  • Flush Drain Line
  • Install Anti-Algae Tablets
  • Inspect Evaporator Coil
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Measure Power Consumption
  • Test Primary Safety Float Switch
  • Test Secondary Safety Float Switch
  • Measure Compressor AMP Draw
  • Measure Cond. Motor AMPs
  • Lubricate Motors
  • Measure Supply Grill Temp
  • Measure Return Grill Temp
  • Measure Air Temperature Differential
  • Measure Humidity Level
  • Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box
  • Measure Freon Sub Cooling
  • Coil Sprayed with Disinfectant
  • Ductwork Sanitizing with Disinfectant

AC Maintenance Benefits

Energy Bills

In-home Comfort

Air Quality



Air Flow

Repair Costs

We Also Service

East Coast Mechanical has residential emergency service in 60 minutes or less.

A/C Maintenance

ECM offers three different AC only service
contracts that cover unlimited service, labor,
parts, and maintenance. You can choose
one that meets your needs

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Why Do I Need an
A/C Maintenance Agreement?

AC Warranty Protection

Did you know that if you do not have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner it can void your warranty? Our maintenance program will help you avoid this and keep your system warranty intact.

Discounted AC Repairs

With our maintenance program, any repairs your AC system may need will receive discounted pricing.

AC Energy Savings

A well-maintained heating and cooling system will perform more efficiently than one that is not. Keep your energy bills low with our A/C maintenance program.

AC Maintenance

With routine A/C maintenance, you can rest assured that your heating and cooling system is in good working order.

Watt Saver Plan

  • Only
  • $239
  • per year

Purchase Online Today One Year AC Protection!

Watt Saver Plan Features

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Priority Service
  • 15% Labor Discount on Repairs
  • 15% Parts Discount on Repairs
  • 29-Point Tune-Up (Summer)
  • 29-Point Tune-Up (Winter)
  • (1) FREE Diagnostic Evaluation
  • $300 Equipment Discount

29-Point Precision AC Tune-Up

  • Check & Calibrate Thermostat
  • Measure Refrigerant Pressures
  • Clean Filter
  • Check Relays
  • Inspect Capacitors
  • Inspect Contractor Points
  • Priority Service
  • Inspect Disconnect Box
  • Check Heating Functions
  • Ducts Sprayed with Deodorizer
  • Inspect Compressor Terminals
  • Inspect Air Ductwork Condition
  • Measure Temperature at Supply Grill
  • Measure Temperature at Return Grill
  • Measure Temperature Differential
  • Install Clean Out T For Flushing Line(if required)
  • Check and Measure Static Air Flow
  • Check On/Off Circuit Breaker Safety
  • Check Emergency Drain Pan Float Switch(if applicable) In Attic Installations
  • Vacuum and Flush Drain Line
  • Clean and Flush Primary Drain Pan
  • Install Anti-Algae Tablets
  • Inspect Evaporator Coil Condition
  • Brush Evaporator Coil
  • Inspect Condition of Condenser Coil
  • Rinse and Clean Condenser Coil
  • Measure Motor AMP Draw
  • Measure Compressor AMP Draw
  • Test Safety Float Switch

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