How Do Air Cleaners Work?

With rising concerns about air quality, people are becoming more interested in buying air cleaners. Also known as an air purifier, this appliance is said to remove impurities in your indoor air, giving you cleaner air to breathe. But with various types of pollutants in the air, how do air cleaners manage to neutralize them?

The Basic Technology

When turned on, air cleaners will suck up the air in the room. Inside the unit, a sanitizing system will neutralize certain types of pollutants from the air. Then, the air cleaner will send the cleaner air back into the room.

The Sanitizing System

Air cleaners come with various sanitizing technologies. Each type of system can work for one or several types of pollutants. They also work differently.

1. UV Air Cleaners

The ultraviolet air cleaners use UV-C radiation to neutralize pathogens in the air, such as viruses and bacteria. With short wavelengths, this light can penetrate the cells of the microorganism and destroy its DNA.

When using UV air cleaners, be careful not to expose your skin or eyes to the light, because it may harm your cells the same way it harms the pathogen’s cells. However, it shouldn’t be an issue because most UV air cleaners have their UV-C light installed inside the machine. But, you will need to be cautious when opening up the unit for repair.

2. Ion Air Cleaners

The ion air cleaners use ionizer technology to release negative ions onto the air. They will catch dust and allergens, making them too heavy to float. These contaminants will then fall onto the surfaces, which you can easily wipe to clean.

Despite its effectiveness, ionizer systems can also be harmful to the environment because some units deplete ozone as their byproducts. Besides harming our atmosphere, ozone may also get into our lungs and cause breathing difficulties for some people.

3. Filter Air Cleaners

This type of air cleaner uses filters to capture impurities that pass by it. Therefore, you will find that the filters will get dirt buildup over time. Your air cleaner will require a filter replacement every once in a while so that it can continue doing its job.

There are various types of air filters with many types of filtering capabilities. Most of all, they capture Particulate Matter (PM) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The levels of effectiveness var as well.

4. Combined Air Cleaners

Since no system works for all types of air impurities, many manufacturers combine two or three technologies within the air cleaners they produce. Hence, the unit will be able to deliver significantly more cleaner air.

The most common air cleaners in the market use high-efficiency filters with UV-C light. Ion air cleaner are a little bit rare nowadays due to the concerns about ozone.

To get the cleanest air possible, manufacturers incorporate multiple purifying technologies in their air cleaners. Therefore, they are able to cover more types of pollutants. For an even better result, you can invest in air quality monitoring tools to help maintain your clean indoor air.

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