air quality in my room

How Can I Make the Air Quality in My Room Noticeably Better?

After a long and tiring day at work, no one wants to come home to a messy and uncomfortable bedroom. Although wiping and vacuuming regularly can keep your room neat and tidy, improving the room’s indoor air quality is still the best way to make it feel fresher. Here are a few tips on how …

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test indoor air quality

Is There an Inexpensive Way to Test Indoor Air Quality?

Many people are worried about the indoor air quality in their house and wish to get it tested. However, hiring professional services to perform the tests might be costly, especially if you want to examine many kinds of pollutants. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive ways to test indoor air quality. Home Air Quality Monitor Home …

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What causes poor indoor air quality

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned that the indoor air quality (IAQ) in many houses can be five times worse than outdoor air. This fact left us wondering about indoor pollutants that could significantly contribute to poor indoor air quality. Here are the most common things that cause poor IAQ: 1 – Combustion Combustion …

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AC UV Light

Use AC UV Light to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

In general, there are two types of central AC UV light systems: coil sterilization and air sterilization. Although both work in similar ways, these two systems have different purposes. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is proven effective to inactivate many kinds of pathogens by penetrating their cells and destroying the DNA. This technology is commonly applied …

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unhealthy air quality

Unhealthy Air Quality: What Should You Do?

When the air starts to smell funny, you usually open up a new air freshener, right? People will only recognize that there may be something wrong with the air when something starts to smell. However, science has proven that a majority of airborne toxins are odorless. Here is what you should do if you suspect …

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Air Cleaners

An Introduction to Many Types of Air Cleaners

Air cleaners do not use any new technology, but their popularity has been rising rapidly lately due to increasing concerns about air quality. Also known as an air purifier, an air cleaner is an appliance that can remove unhealthy contaminants from the air, such as pathogens, odors, smoke, dust, and more. There are many different …

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disinfectant spray diy

Disinfectant Spray DIY

When you are cleaning, you probably have your favorite disinfectant with you. But have you tried reading the list of ingredients on the label? Some of those chemicals may actually be harmful. Why not try disinfectant spray DIY? Here is what you will need: Ingredients and Procedure Most of these ingredients can be found inside …

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How to kill germs in the air

How to Kill Germs in the Air

Germs are microorganisms that can cause diseases. The categories of germs include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. Indoor air has a high risk of being contaminated with many kinds of airborne particles, including germs. However, there is no need to worry because there are many easy ways to kill germs in the air. Here are …

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How Long Does Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

How Long Does Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

Touching surfaces is one of the most common ways to transmit SARS-CoV-2, the type of coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. It left many people wondering how long the coronavirus lasts on surfaces. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to that because the virus lasts shorter or longer on different types of surfaces and in …

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