air-conditioner repair service

Things to Look for in Air-Conditioner Repair Service

When your air conditioner stops working correctly, and you have no idea what to do about it, calling a professional air-conditioner repair service for help is the best decision you can make. However, since there are many AC repair services out there, you should be careful in choosing who to hire. Make sure to do …

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Buying a Central Air Conditioning System

Buying a Central Air Conditioning System

Buying a central air conditioning system is not as easy as you think. You can’t just jump for the most pricey one you can afford in the hope it will give you the most benefits. Nor can you aim for the cheapest one hoping that it will save money. Although the price does matter, other …

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Energy Efficiency Ratings

What are Energy Efficiency Ratings

You have probably come across energy efficiency ratings since using your air conditioner. The term may have sound familiar, but what does an energy-efficiency rating or EER mean? It is the term used to represent the cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. The EER is the value used to measure the cooling power that …

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AC Drain Line is Clogged

What to Do When Your AC Drain Line is Clogged

Please don’t ignore it when your AC drain line is clogged. Fixing the issue is easy and quick. Yet if you choose not to address it right away, the problem may worsen over time. Drain lines must be checked regularly for any issues. You can check them with a flashlight or use your HVAC unit’s …

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High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

What Is A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

A high-efficiency air conditioner means it consumes less energy to operate. This technology is getting more and more popular as it allows you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your thermal comfort. Indeed, AC units with higher efficiencies tend to be more expensive. But, you will also reap more benefits from …

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servicing of air conditioners

Servicing of Air Conditioners

Experts recommend the servicing of air conditioners at least once a year. Not only can this maintain your AC quality, but it can also prevent various problems that could cost you a lot of money in the future. For the best results, here are the things that should be included in the service: 1.   Air …

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central air conditioner prices

Central Air Conditioner Prices

Of all the types of air conditioning systems, centralized ones are the most expensive. Thus, you need to browse your options carefully before deciding what type of new unit to buy, especially because central air conditioner prices vary widely based on multiple factors. Central Air Conditioner Prices By Brand Two units with similar specifications can …

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air conditioner replacement cost

Central Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Replacing an AC unit requires a lot of money, so you need to prepare before hiring someone to do it. However, estimating your air conditioner replacement cost might be a little bit tricky because there are many factors to consider. Factors Knowing what factors into the replacement cost will help you to budget accordingly. Bear …

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AC Compressor Not Working

What to Do When AC Compressor Not Working

A compressor is a vital part of an air conditioning system that is in charge of cooling. Thus, when your AC compressor is not working, your system will not be able to lower the air temperature inside your property. This situation can indeed be frustrating. At this point, you might be wondering what to do. …

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when an air conditioner is not cooling

When an Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

There are a few things you can look into when an air conditioner is not cooling the room as expected. This way, you might be able to figure out a possible reason before calling for professional help. Here are the most common causes of AC failure: 1.   Undersized Unit An AC unit will not be …

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