Getting the Most Out of Air Purifiers

Most people buy air purifiers as a shortcut to improve the air quality of their homes. Although it can be a solution, many factors can keep you from reaping the full benefits. For the best results, try the tips below when deciding to buy an air purifier:

1. Get the Right System

Air purifiers come with various technologies, which result in different sanitizing capabilities . It is crucial to know what contaminants you need to purify from your indoor air so you can choose the right purifying system that will serve that particular purpose. Check the pros and cons of every system, and make sure you are okay with what the system entails. If browsing the internet doesn’t give enough insight, you can ask your supplier for a recommendation.

2. Get the Right Size

Some people complain that their indoor air is still stale even with an air purifier on 24/7. Little do they realize that their appliance is undersized. Without sufficient capacity, your air purifier will not neutralize enough pollutants to maintain your indoor air cleanliness. The larger your room, the larger the capacity of the air purifier you should buy. You might also need to size up the unit if your indoor air quality is very poor.

3. Minimize the Pollutants

With fewer pollutants entering your room, it will take less energy for your air purifier to clean up your indoor air. It is highly advisable to know the source of your air pollutants and take some preventive measures. Here are some ideas:

● Avoid smoking indoors

● Stop diffusing essential oils

● If possible, place your stoves and ovens near a window or ventilation

● Do not use household products with harsh chemicals

● Clean your house regularly to prevent buildup of impurities

4. Optimize Ventilation

Another tip to reduce the burden of your air purifier is by taking advantage of natural ventilation. Opening up your window in the morning can force the stale air out and invite the fresh air from outside in. If natural ventilation is not possible, an artificial one is worth considering. An exhaust fan or a cooker hood in a strategic position can quickly remove contaminated air from indoors.

5. Regular Maintenance

Just like any other HVAC system, air purifiers also require regular maintenance. Otherwise, their performance will degrade over time. Not only will it make your indoor air less clean, but your unit may also break sooner than expected. Different technologies of air purifiers will require different techniques to maintain. When making the purchase, make sure to ask your supplier how to treat the unit. You can also ask a professional HVAC service company to do the tasks for you.

There is no shortcut to a healthy life. Expensive air purifiers may have a higher capacity, but if you are not careful, it can be a waste of money. Buy the unit with the highest specification you can afford, but don’t forget other important factors in the process.

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