Plumbing Services
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At ECM we are totally committed to resolving your plumbing problem immediately. If it involves water or pipes, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! If emergency plumbing service is need NOW — we can be there in 60 minutes or less.

Plumbing services

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Total Plumbing Services

From water leaks, clogged pipes, leak detection, pipe replacement, we do it all! ECM Plumbing professionals have got you covered!


Plumbing Services

Repair – Replacement – Installations


Plumbing Services

Repair – Replacement – Installations

100%  Satisfaction

We deliver what we promise—great service! For more than 28 years, ECM has continued its quest to provide you, our customer with unparalleled service. From the moment the phone rings until the call is complete, you can count on a host of employees supporting our technicians to assure you receive nothing but great service.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services Boynton Beach

Latest Plumbing

ECM offers an expanded array of plumbing services to meet the needs of even the toughest problems. Using the latest plumbing technology, ECM can perform underground leak and line detection as well as main sewer line clean outs.

Video cameras mounted on cables are used to thoroughly inspect the inside of drain lines and photographically show the location and cause of a clog. This allows ECM to provide the best plumbing solution at the best price. ECM’s plumbing experts want to make sure your plumbing problems are resolved the first time for a long time and not just perform an easy repair for the short-term.

Residential Plumbing

Repair – Replacement – Installations

✅ Drain cleaning
✅ Pipe & Main Line cleaning repairs
✅ Stoppages
✅ Sewer line cleaning/repairs
✅ Video inspection of drain & sewer
✅ Leak detection
✅ Water heater repairs

✅ Water heater replacement
✅ Tankless Water Heaters
✅ Shut-off valves
✅ Hose bibs
✅ Main line valves
✅ Lines and pipes
✅ Garbage disposal
✅ Sinks

✅ Faucets
✅ Shower valves
✅ Shower pans
✅ Toilets/Urinals
✅ Tubs
✅ Bidets
✅ Water filters
✅ Dishwashers & Disposals

Florida Plumbing Services

Commercial Plumbing

Repair – Replacement – Installations

✅ Drain cleaning and stoppages
✅ Hot water heaters, electric, natural gas, LP gas
✅ Bathrooms, Flushometer water closet & flush valve
✅ Urinals
✅ Lavatory and faucet

✅ Commercial kitchen sinks
✅ Commercial faucets
✅ Floor drains
✅ Water main
✅ Sewer line repair and replacement

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