bad air quality

Bad Air Quality

Based on the US Air Quality Index or AQI, an index of 50 and below is a good sign, while an index above 300 indicates hazardous air quality due to pollution. Also, the AQI is categorized into 6 different color-coded levels, and each category reflects a level of concern. Air Quality Index Categories: Good – …

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air filter

Types of Air Filter

In this era, where air quality is of  high concern, choosing the right air filter will greatly impact your health. The key is to choose one that works for the specific air contaminants you are trying to avoid. So, here is a helpful guideline: HEPA Filter This filter has a 99.97% efficiency in capturing particles …

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improve air quality

Ways to Improve the Air Quality of Your HVAC

After a long day on the road, a healthy dose of air can be helpful. But what if the air pollution outside can also be experienced in your very own home? Air conditioners  not only make the air cool, they also improve the quality of air in the house. Bad air quality is  similar to …

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pm2.5 activated carbon filter

pm2.5 activated carbon filter

In this era of plague and uncertainty, people rely on science and medicine to keep everyone safe and free from the virus. Unfortunately, no one was fully prepared for this, but some countermeasures were created long ago. One of the most effective ways to increase filtration efficiency is to use a PM 2.5 activated carbon …

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How do air purifiers work

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Each air purifying system has a mechanism that reduces air contaminants. They also have different types of pollutants that they each can handle. Below, you will learn more about how do air purifiers work, and the various features. 1 – Filtration Screen Air that comes into the purifier machine will pass through a filter. The …

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reme halo air purifier

Reme Halo Air Purifier

As the Coronavirus  lingers around, the need to be protected even when at home is a necessity  nowadays. Products like air purifiers are detrimental for achieving the desired protection that people are needing amidst a worldwide pandemic. Air purifiers, from the term itself, keep air clean and safe. Since air conditioners do not entirely guarantee …

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home air filtration

Understanding How Air Filtration Works

Air filtration is essential in reducing the amount of polluting particles from the air. The system is commonly present in almost any HVAC system, including air conditioners, air purifiers, and even vacuum cleaners. But what makes it possible for  this simple technology to be so impactful and beneficial? The Differences Between Air Filtration and Air …

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air purifier

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a staple device in big cities. Properties from small houses to large office facilities are installing these systems, hoping to tackle the pollution outside. An air purifier is meant to remove contaminants from indoor air. Keeping it on will result in cleaner air to breathe in. The question is, what difference does …

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Air Purifiers

Getting the Most Out of Air Purifiers

Most people buy air purifiers as a shortcut to improve the air quality of their homes. Although it can be a solution, many factors can keep you from reaping the full benefits. For the best results, try the tips below when deciding to buy an air purifier: 1. Get the Right System Air purifiers come …

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Air Cleaners

How Do Air Cleaners Work?

With rising concerns about air quality, people are becoming more interested in buying air cleaners. Also known as an air purifier, this appliance is said to remove impurities in your indoor air, giving you cleaner air to breathe. But with various types of pollutants in the air, how do air cleaners manage to neutralize them? …

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