get an air conditioning tune up

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Scheduling regular air conditioner tune-ups help prevent the breakdown of critical components from happening and keeps your AC running smoothly. During an air conditioner tune-up, our technicians can detect and fix minor issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. This extends the life of your AC unit and helps save you money on energy …

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Get Your Air Conditioning System Tuned

Get Your Air Conditioning System Tuned

When buying an AC unit, you might also hear a suggestion to get your air conditioning system tuned up at least once every six months. But, even more than that, hiring a professional company to do it rather than doing it yourself is highly recommended. To help you make a thoughtful decision, here are several …

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A/C Tune-up

A Comprehensive Checklist for an A/C Tune-Up

An A/C tune-up service is a great value for the cost of service. Not only does it optimize your comfort, but it also prevents your system from breaking. A well-maintained AC also tends to have a longer lifespan and higher efficiency. Now, the question is “What should be included in an AC tune-up?” Below is …

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How to disinfect a room

How to Disinfect a Room, both Air and Surfaces

Cleaning is supposed to be a simple task that should be done regularly. However, because there are so many different disinfectants and air fresheners to choose from, it can be confusing. There are always new cleaning products to disinfect a room that the manufacturer claims are better than the old ones. In reality, you do …

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when should I get an air conditioning tune up

When Should I Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up

An air conditioning tune up can effectively prevent your AC unit from breaking. That means the service can help you avoid a costly repair service. Experts recommend having your AC unit tuned up at least once a year. But when is the best time to get an air conditioning tune-up? Springtime! Your AC unit will …

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repair my air conditioning unit

Should I Replace or Repair My Air Conditioning Unit?

Sometimes, people find it challenging to decide whether to replace or repair their air conditioning unit, especially when it ceases to function. This dilemma arises primarily because the owners don’t understand the equipment well. It is essential to note that a new unit is supposed to last for more than 15 years if it is …

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What causes my A/C coil to freeze up?

What Causes My A/C Coil to Freeze Up?

Your A/C coil can freeze up. If this happens, there is something wrong with your HVAC system. There are a few things that may cause this, such as: Thermostat Error If your thermostat isn’t running correctly, it will give the wrong signal to your AC. As a result, your AC won’t run properly either. Also, …

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Why is my air-conditioner not draining water

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Draining Water?

Air conditioners strip excess moisture from indoor air to deliver a more comfortable atmosphere inside the house. The extra moisture will go into the drain line and leave the building. But sometimes, problems may happen that cause your AC to not drain water like that. If this happens, it can lead to unpleasant consequences like …

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AC Tune-Up

Do You Really Need an AC Tune-Up in Florida?

The hot summer months are upon us. There are few things better in this warm weather than coming in from a day at the pool with the family and relaxing at home out of the sun. In-home air conditioners keep the air at the perfect temperature, so you can lounge in comfort, no matter how …

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3 Benefits of an AC Tune-Up | East Coast Mechanical (ECM)

Top 3 Benefits of AC Tune-Ups

In the modern world, air conditioners have become an indispensable part of our lives, ensuring we remain comfortable during sweltering summers. Yet, it’s a common tendency to overlook the significance of these AC systems until they malfunction. Just like any other appliance, air conditioning units require regular attention. Section 1: More Comfort Nothing compares to …

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