What Should Humidity Be in My Home

What Should the Humidity Be in Your Home?

A proper humidity level is important for providing the best comfort in a room. It also has a significant effect on your body and even your furniture. But what is the right humidity level for your home? What is the risk of having a humidity level that is too high or too low? How do you …

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Heating Cost More Than Cooling

Why Does Heating Cost More Than Cooling My House?

You might notice that your electricity bill in the winter is usually higher than it is in the summer. This all comes from your HVAC system. If you do an annual recap, you will see that heating costs dominate up to 50% of your bill, while cooling only take up a quarter to one-third as …

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3 Energy Efficiency Tips

Who doesn’t want to save 10, 20, or even 30% on their home’s heating and cooling costs? Lucky for you, the experts at East Coast Mechanical, Inc. have three simple tips to try right now that are designed to slash your energy bills. 1. Clean/Change Filters Regularly Nothing kills your heating and cooling system’s energy …

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