Backflow Testing

Most people take for granted that their water is safe and free of harmful contamination. While for the most part this is true, one of the most important considerations with clean water is the typical flow of water and the possibility of contaminated backflow. Backflow devices are designed to prevent back flow or back siphoning of possible contaminated water into a potable/drinking water system.

These devices are installed in commercial and some residential water systems depending on the degree of hazard that has been established by each county’s environmental health department. All backflow devices are required by the county to be tested and certified annually. These tests can only be performed by specially trained and certified technicians licensed in the county of operation. ECM has a team of experienced backflow technicians who are certified to perform all aspects of backflow device testing, certification, repair and installation.

We offer competitive pricing on backflow certification and can often schedule the test the very same day you call for an appointment. You’ll also appreciate our friendly and competent office staff who will handle all the county paperwork regarding your backflow certification.

Backflow Valve Installation

If you notice that your backflow valve is leaking, ECM’s certified plumbers provide residential and commercial backflow repair.

We arrive in a “warehouse on wheels” with a full inventory of quality repair parts. As well, our technicians, as certified and registered backflow testers, will bring the specially calibrated testing devices required to re-certify the backflow valve at the completion of the job.

Our comprehensive backflow repair service allows ECM to provide exceptional quality to our customers. ECM can provide all the services needed for your backflow so that you don’t need to call multiple contractors.

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