Benefits of REME HALO

For properties with central air conditioners, REME HALO can be a good alternative to combat indoor air quality problems.

Unlike a regular purifier, this in-duct air purifying system doesn’t wait for the pollutants to come and get trapped in the filter. Instead, it actively goes after them and neutralizes them.

How Does the System Work?

The REME HALO uses a technology called reflective electromagnetic energy (REME) to produce hydrogen peroxide plasma using its negative charge. The mechanism is similar to the natural process of how lighting works. The plasma then travels through the ductwork and throughout the house to actively chase the pollutants and remove them.

For particulate pollutants, the plasma will charge them, causing them to stick together and fall to the floor. As for the pathogens like viruses and bacteria, the plasma breaks their DNA, which makes them inactive. REME HALO plasma can also neutralize gaseous pollutants and eliminate odors.

The Benefits of REME HALO

An award-winning innovation, the benefits of REME HALO make it even harder to refuse the idea of installing one inside your ductwork. Here is what you will get from this active air purifying system:

1. Provides cleaner air for the whole house, unlike a portable system that works for only one room.

2. Effective in killing up to 99% of germs, including those that commonly cause colds and allergic reactions.

3. Able to clean many kinds of pollutants, unlike other purifying systems that mostly focus on one type of pollutant.

4. Actively chase and remove pollutants instead of waiting for them to get trapped on the filter.

5. Scientists are currently researching how effective the system is at killing the SARS-Cov-19. However, it has been proven that the system is effective at killing the SARS and MERS viruses. Hence, REME HALO most likely can protect you from COVID-19.

6. Easy to install, use, and replace. You don’t need a certified technician to handle the purifying cell.

7. Operates silently, making it convenient for families who are noise-sensitive.

8. Leaves a fresh scent naturally as a byproduct of the plasma charges, just like the fresh scent you smell after lightning strikes your neighborhood.

9. Long life expectancy. The system can work up to 25,000 hours before needing a replacement.

10. Does not produce harsh chemicals or any other toxins as byproducts because the ionizing process is natural.

11. Will not take up much of your living space or affect your home’s interior because the system is installed inside the ductwork.

12. Might be more energy-efficient than any other air purifying system.

13. Maintenance is quite simple.

14. The plasma can travel up to 3 feet away from the REME HALO cell.

REME HALO works for any type of building as long as it has a central air conditioner system. With its many benefits, this air purifier is worth considering, especially if you have concerning health issues related to poor indoor air quality.

Even so, try comparing the system with other types of air purifying systems just to be sure about it.

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