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A Precise Science….

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If your Air Conditioner stopped working, and you’re looking for a new AC unit, you have come to the right AC company.

At East Coast Mechanical (ECM) located in Boynton Beach we understand Air Conditioner Design Principals and the importance our AC installation plays in the comfort, health and well-being of your family.

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Get an Education Before
You Buy an AC

Don’t Be Fooled Into Buying Only 1/2 of an AC System

Before You Buy an Air Conditioner, you should read this and we will provide you with an education of a Good AC Installation VS a Bad AC Installation.

Finding a Reputable well established AC company that will engineer and design the right system for your home pays major dividends. Some benefits include a 30% higher electrical savings, a longer equipment life, less frequent breakdowns and better comfort.

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AC Installation!

Why Do I Need a Survey &
Ductwork Inspection

Air Conditioner Design is an Exact
Science Not a Guess!

Our specially trained comfort engineer will spend 1 1/2 hours in your home performing a very detailed inspection of your entire air conditioner, including an attic duct system inspection. ECM will identify every deficiency that will adversely affect your new AC SYSTEMS ABILITY TO OPERATE AT MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.

Our job is to provide you with an education and design the perfect system for your home. If you simply replace your air conditioner without performing a survey, and without correcting the deficiencies, your new system will operate 30% below its rated capacity.

99 – Point Home Survey

Our 99-Point comprehensive home survey includes a Total Home Energy
Solution approach to designing and installing a properly engineered AC system.

How 99 – Point Works

Step 1

We will perform a Heat Load Calculation, Inspect all the ductwork in the attic for air leaks, measure the ductwork for air flow capacities, identify any hot rooms in your home, determine the best location for your new AC, measure the size of your return filter grill for proper size based on air flow demand and inspect your fuse box and wiring.

Step 2

Once we have gathered all the necessary information we will begin the process of matching the right equipment to your home based on location, heat load demand, and electrical system requirements.

Step 3

We will then sit down with you and discuss the entire AC installation procedure including how ECM will overcome all the deficiencies we found. In addition to the AC installation procedures we will educate you on different available options such as an RGF – U/V AIR PURIFICATION product, hospital grade 4″ pleated filters and Wi-Fi thermostats.

99- Point Guarantee

You should understand that your new AC’s SEER rating, performance and comfort are totally predicated on the quality of the installation.

We guarantee our work 100% because we design our systems to be in compliance with all state, local and manufacturers specifications including Code Compliance.

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Your Duct System Accounts For
50% of the Cooling Efficiency

Your Home’s Air Conditioner System is made up of a perfect balance between your air conditioner’s equipment and your duct air distribution system. Your AC equipment makes up 50% of the cooling capacity for your home and your ductwork air distribution system makes up the other 50%. Your AC equipment produces the cooling effect while your duct system conveys the exact amount of cool air to each room in your home.

A Heat Load Calculation will determine the right size AC equipment for your home while a room by room Heat Load calculation will tell us how much cool air to pump into that particular room.

The actual size or dimension of each duct determines the amount of air that can be pumped to that particular room effectively.

Cooling Efficiency

Our AC Technology, Dedication and Expertise are Leagues
Ahead of the Competition

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Contractor

The state certified licensed contractor replacing your AC system if properly trained will follow the AIR Conditioning Contractors of America Installation Guidelines known as ACCA or the Energy Star Program Guidelines. Both require stringent procedures with no shortcuts to assure the system is installed properly and will achieve the actual Manufacturers design performance metrics and design SEER rating.

There’s an 80% chance that your duct system is undersized and will require Re-engineering and Re-sizing to increase air flow wherever its necessary, especially HOT ROOMS in your home that you have already identified.

According to the EPA.GOV website over 50% of all jobs in the US are done wrong with an average energy loss of 30%. Can you afford to take the risk?

Professionally Engineered AC Installations

At ECM we don’t just replace air conditioners, we install engineered energy solutions perfectly designed to fit your home and designed for maximum efficiency, performance and improved air distribution for years of worry-free reliability. Our engineered AC installation will maximize your new equipment’s efficiency, and provide guaranteed comfort at the lowest cost. Our skilled AC installation experts install over 300 AC systems monthly, and ECM has installed over 60,000 air conditioners over the last 30 years.

Ductwork Air Leaks Account For As Much As 20% Higher Electric Bills

Studies have found that duct leakage contributed 10% to 30% of cooling loads in many homes. The average home loses 20% of the air that moves through the duct system to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts which simply equates to higher electric bills. Duct leakage can decrease comfort and endanger you and your family’s health and safety.

Pulling a Permit & Code Compliance

ECM comfort engineers are amongst the best trained professionals in the industry, with the knowledge and years of experience to design and install the most energy efficient AC system for your home with major emphasis on comfort and your families health and well-being. ECM will install the system similar to the Energy Star Program Guidelines and ACCA principals.

ECM will always pull the required mechanical and electrical permits which is a LAW! All equipment installations are designed to meet the Dade County Wind Code Mitigation Law of 175 mile per hour winds.

ECM Will Help You Get a Better A/C Job, & a Better Deal

Our comfort engineers are here to help you understand your AC replacement options and to help you navigate through a complex selection of air conditioners and accessories.
We will help you through the entire process of selecting and installing the perfect AC system for your home.

Our AC installation crews install on average 15 AC systems per day and with 127 trucks on the road 24/7 we will be there for you when you need us most.

Our customers on average save over 30% more on energy bills due to our AC design and engineering.

We have earned our reputation by exceeding our customer’s expectations but most importantly by earning their RESPECT and gaining their TRUST.

You’re in Good Hands

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