IAQ Accessory Repair

Improved air quality is what people need, especially during this pandemic. In fact, there are accessories that people can choose from to keep their air free from contaminants. From electronic air cleaners to UV air treatment systems, these accessories help to ensure that people are receiving clean and safe air.

However, there will come a time where these indoor air quality accessories, or IAQ accessories, suddenly stop working. So what do you do?

Before calling the professionals for help, determine what kind of IAQ accessory you have. If you have pleated air filters, you can generally clean them on your own. These filters do not involve electricity, which means you don’t have to worry about breaking it and spending more money in fixing it. Pleated air filters can be cleaned by brushing down dust and dirt.

You can also clean the air filters with a vacuum to ensure that the filters are clean. Lastly, make sure that the pleats are even. A scrunched pleat can keep your unit from working.

If you have UV air treatment systems, then you don’t have to worry about having to take time to call in a professional. UV light bulbs can be replaced manually. If you don’t know how to do it, the UV air treatment system comes with a handbook or a manual. These manuals provide basic troubleshooting for things that go wrong. This includes changing the light bulbs. It’s similar to changing a common household lightbulb.

Though these IAQAs are simple and require simple ways of fixing, there are other IAQAs that need extra attention. These accessories mostly involve electricity, and they function almost the same as your air conditioner. Accessories like humidifiers, ventilation systems, and electric air cleaners need attention from HVAC specialists.

Which company should you consider?

There are certain things you must consider in choosing which company should repair your IAQ accessories. Not all companies have the dexterity to do it. You might want to consider these following aspects:

• Experience in repairing IAQ accessories. A company with ample experience in repairing indoor air quality accessories is imperative. More experience will always give them an edge.

• Location. Location can also be an issue, especially when the situation is grave and the accessory needs immediate attention. The closer the location, the better. Prolonging the gravity of the situation might worsen the condition of the accessory.

• Availability. In terms of availability, the company must be available in instances where the accessory needs emergency repairs. Not all companies have emergency sevices. But if it does, that is a plus.

Indoor air quality accessories are there to help you keep your air clean and safe. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, these accessories can maintain good air quality without being contaminated through airborne transmission of the virus. With proper care and maintenance, these accessories will endure and keep people safe indoors.

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