air conditioning service repair

Air Conditioning Service Repair

There are many things you need to pay attention to when getting an air conditioning repair service. Otherwise, what you spend will not be worth it. Let’s get straight to the tips! 1.   Collect Candidates Not all HVAC companies are the same. Hence, try looking into the HVAC companies in your area. Look at their …

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Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are a practical alternative to typical heating and cooling systems. For some people, it is more beneficial than buying both an AC system and a furnace. With a heat pump, you can use the same system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. But before you decide to purchase one, …

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tankless water heaters cost

Tankless Water Heater Cost

If you are thinking of replacing your tank-type water heater with a tankless one, it is wise to know the cost of buying a new one, installing it at home, and operating on a daily basis. When thinking of the costs, keep in mind that a tankless water heater also needs a supply of power …

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a/c service

When Should You Call for A/C Service?

Although some issues can be solved with simple DIY tips, there are certain problems that you should only trust the professionals to fix. These are problems that require specific skills and knowledge and for which a wrong attempt may do a lot more harm than good. Here are several examples of when you should call …

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merv air filter

What is a MERV Air Filter?

Air filters come in various specifications: materials, densities, structures, etc. All of these contribute to the quality a filter brings in capturing impurities from the passing air. To better understand the quality of each product, you need to take a look at its MERV level. What is a MERV Air Filter? MERV stands for Minimum …

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commercial hvac repair

Commercial HVAC Repair

There are plenty of ways to know whether your commercial HVAC system is operating smoothly or  needs immediate repair. While some indications seem  obvious, other signs are a little more difficult to determine.  Moreover, when the system breaks down, the smartest move is to call a certified technician who can provide a quick diagnosis and …

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air conditioning leaking

Is Your Air Conditioning Leaking?

On a normal day, you are enjoying the convenience of your air conditioning unit when a drop of water comes down uninvited. Your air conditioner is leaking not because it’s chilly, but because there’s something wrong. Water leaking from air conditioning units is one of the most common problems of homeowners. If left unsolved, it …

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ac unit parts

AC Unit Parts

An air conditioning system consists of many parts that work together to serve a purpose. Understanding each element and its role might help you to maintain the system. You don’t even need to learn about all of the AC unit parts, just a few crucial ones. Here are the parts that you need to know …

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central air conditioner

Central Air Conditioner

On average, more than 90% of US homes use central air conditioner units. In fact, these units are more common in almost all US households than dishwashers and air purifiers. Most homeowners run the unit all throughout the summer season, and during those days when the temperature gets really high. If you are planning to …

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rent to own ac units

Rent to Own AC Units

The concept of rent-to-own AC units comes as a solution for people torn between renting and buying. But while it may bring several advantages, there are also a few drawbacks that you need to anticipate before deciding to buy one. How Does It Work? The procedure is quite simple. A client (property owner) agrees with …

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