What causes my A/C coil to freeze up?

Air Conditioner Freezing Up

Is your air conditioner freezing up in the summertime, causing your home to become unbearably hot and uncomfortable? If so, you may wonder how to fix this problem and keep your air conditioners running smoothly. Luckily, professional services can help you troubleshoot and repair any issues with your AC units, allowing you to enjoy cool …

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Starting in 2023, the government will require that all new residential systems in the northern United States have a minimum SEER rating of 14. Those in the southern United States have a minimum SEER rating of 15. SEER measures a system’s cooling efficiency, with higher ratings indicating more energy-saving equipment. As a result of these …

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get an air conditioning tune up

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Scheduling regular air conditioner tune-ups help prevent the breakdown of critical components from happening and keeps your AC running smoothly. During an air conditioner tune-up, our technicians can detect and fix minor issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. This extends the life of your AC unit and helps save you money on energy …

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service air conditioner

Service Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit is essential in any residential and commercial space. It helps cool down the room temperature and filters the air. Here’s what the service of an air conditioner generally includes: Checkup The first step to any air conditioning service is the unit checkup. The technician checks the unit to identify a leakage …

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best tankless water heater

Best Tankless Water Heater

Replacing an old-style water heater with a tankless water heater is a wise move, especially for homeowners with inexpensive, energy-efficient, and compact-built homes. Although one of its downsides is its pricey unit and installation cost, having one that you can use on-demand is more convenient. Plus, a tankless water heater doesn’t require a lot of …

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bad air quality

Bad Air Quality

Based on the US Air Quality Index or AQI, an index of 50 and below is a good sign, while an index above 300 indicates hazardous air quality due to pollution. Also, the AQI is categorized into 6 different color-coded levels, and each category reflects a level of concern. Air Quality Index Categories: Good – …

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air conditioner repair service

Air Conditioner Repair Service

The air conditioning system is an essential and valuable piece of equipment in any home. It helps cool down the temperature, and it keeps the air filtered. Similarly, regular air conditioning service is also necessary to ensure the unit’s efficiency. In addition, air conditioning repair service helps keep the unit trouble-free. AC Checkup The most …

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When Was Air Conditioning Invented

When Was Air Conditioning Invented?

Years before an air conditioner was officially invented, some great scientists and inventors had marvelous ideas about cooling the air to reduce the heat inside the house.  Their ideas contributed a lot to the invention of an actual air conditioner. When was air conditioning invented? Read on… Benjamin Franklin and Professor John Hadley in 1758 …

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honeywell thermo

Most Recommended Honeywell Thermo

Programmable thermostats have many different features available today, so choosing one with the qualities you need is essential. One of the most popular features is the ability to program the thermostat to turn on and off at specific times. This may be useful if you have particular activities that you do not want your HVAC …

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air-conditioner repair service

Things to Look for in Air-Conditioner Repair Service

When your air conditioner stops working correctly, and you have no idea what to do about it, calling a professional air-conditioner repair service for help is the best decision you can make. However, since there are many AC repair services out there, you should be careful in choosing who to hire. Make sure to do …

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