Placing a
Service Call

With an ECM Home Warranty, you can run unlimited service calls with zero deductible in comparison to all the national home warranty companies that charge an average of $100 per call.

With ECM it’s zero deductible and unlike the national companies ECM doesn’t subcontract any of the work, therefore when you have a needed repair that requires parts, there are no authorization numbers required which can cause an average delay of up to 7 days to get a product repaired.

With an ECM Home Warranty Plan, you’re covered! The parts are most likely in our truck or in our local warehouse. And no authorization is required. Therefore, there are no long waits and no surprises.

We’ve got you covered! Unlimited repairs for one year!

You only want to hear two words when buying a home warranty and they are, “You’re Covered.”

Take a look at the step by step comparisons below of ECM vs. National Competitors. 


ECM (East Coast Mechanical)

  • STEP #1
    Call CENTER in Boynton Beach
  • STEP #2
    Appointment scheduled in less than 5 minutes
  • STEP #3
    Guaranteed appointment same day or next day
  • STEP #4
    ECM Master Technician shows up next day
  • STEP #5
    ECM Contract (No-Deductible Required)
  • STEP #6
    ECM Technician fully trained on coverage
  • STEP #7
    ECM truck fully stocked to complete repair



  • STEP #1
    Call CENTER out of state
  • STEP #2
    Call Out of State for a service request
  • STEP #3
    Service appointments can’t be scheduled at call center
  • STEP #4
    Return Phone call from Subcontractor required
  • STEP #5
    Unknown Sub-contractor
  • STEP #6
    Sub-contractor has 24-48 hours to return call
  • STEP #7
    Appointment date and time unknown
  • STEP #8
    Subcontractor shows up days later
  • STEP #9
    Subcontractor shows up to diagnose problem
  • STEP #10
    $100 Deductible Per Call Required
  • STEP #11
    Subcontractor needs to replace parts
  • STEP #12
    Subcontractor does not know coverage
  • STEP #13
    Pre-authorization required if any parts needed
  • STEP #14
    Up to 5 Day Delay to determine if repair is covered
  • STEP #15
    Possible completion 7 to 10 days later

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