Types of Air Filter

In this era, where air quality is of  high concern, choosing the right air filter will greatly impact your health. The key is to choose one that works for the specific air contaminants you are trying to avoid. So, here is a helpful guideline:

HEPA Filter

This filter has a 99.97% efficiency in capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. Thus, it can also trap the novel coronavirus. Many health experts have been recommending it for people with allergies and sensitive respiratory systems.

As a result, we can see how widely popular it is on the market now. You  see various brands using this filter on vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and even air conditioners. Unfortunately, HEPA filters can be costly and require a replacement every six months.

Electrostatic Filter

This filter releases electromagnetic charges that capture small impurities, bind them, and eliminate them. However, you can’t count on this filter to combat larger particles such as dust and molds.

The product comes in both disposable and reusable models, giving you more flexibility to fit your expectations. It is also not super expensive, so it won’t be much of a financial burden to get it replaced regularly.

Washable Air Filter

This filter can be a solution if you need to cut back your annual spending, or to prevent more waste from going to the landfill. It has proven durability and performs excellently if you know how to maintain it well.

But make sure not to get your hopes up too high for this product, because its efficiency is rather low. It can be enough for daily use without any specific air quality.  Otherwise, you should probably look into more efficient options.

Carbon Air Filter

This filter is the best option you can buy to get rid of smoke and fumes. People usually use this for the kitchen area, or if anyone in the house likes smoking. You can also count on this one to capture airborne chemicals, gases, and odors.

Bear in mind that this product can’t really capture solid particles. Thus, you might need to combine it with other types of filters. This shouldn’t be a problem because most products with a carbon filter also include at least another filtration technology.

UV Filters

This filter is great for killing pathogens such as viruses, mold, spores, and bacteria. And it doesn’t even need replacement, as long as the light can still turn on. However, similar to carbon filters, this filter has no power against solid particles.

If you choose this filter, make sure to never expose the light to your skin or eyes, as it can be irritative and damaging. Most devices that contain UV light filtration systems always keep the light inside the container to avoid harming people.

Know what to expect from your air filters to decide which one to buy. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money when the product fails to improve your air quality. For any doubts, you might want to discuss it with a professional to avoid buying the wrong air filter.



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