Ways to Improve the Air Quality of Your HVAC

After a long day on the road, a healthy dose of air can be helpful. But what if the air pollution outside can also be experienced in your very own home? Air conditioners  not only make the air cool, they also improve the quality of air in the house. Bad air quality is  similar to  outdoor pollution. It can even lead to respiratory complications.

Since indoor air pollution is not as loud as  outdoor air pollution, it is important for homeowners to have  knowledge on how indoor air pollution works. With this knowledge, homeowners will have an idea on how to improve the quality of air in their home. Worry no more, because we’ve got you covered!

Here are several quick, yet effective steps to take to  improve your air quality:

Changing the air filter

Changing the air filters prevents the recycling of air pollutants. As the name suggests, air filters help keep the air clean. Changing filters from time to time can give homeowners an assurance that pollutants will not accumulate. Moreover, changing air filters can help maintain the overall condition of the air conditioning system. After all, repairs can be costly.

The air conditioning system is not the only one that has air filters. Kitchen vents and vacuums, for instance, have air filters. Changing or cleaning them from time to time will help maintain good air quality inside your home.

Air duct check

The blowing of hot and cold air is made possible by your AC system’s air ducts. A professional can help keep your air ducts free from pollutants.  

Additionally, they are the only people that are able to help you install your air ducts correctly. It might cost you some money, but not as much as the cost of repairing the entire AC system.

Utilization of cooking vents

We all love the smell of freshly-baked cookies, roasted garlic, and other savory and sweet dishes. But cooking is not possible without gas. Despite the benefit that gas can provide, it is also responsible for releasing dangerous gases such as methane and carbon monoxide.

However, though these gases are only produced in small amounts,  these can still harm the body. Using cooking vents can help you eliminate these gases, and at the same time, maintain good air quality around the house.

Cleaning rugs and carpets

While Turkish rugs and carpets are beautifully crafted and match the motif of a home, these fine textiles can be a home to several particles that can disrupt the air quality of your house. A weekly cleaning should do the trick.

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Humidity control

Humidity involves water and can help in propagating mildew and mold. Mildew and mold can trigger  certain allergic reactions. The presence of mold and mildew is an indication that the air quality is not good. Reducing the amount of moisture will do the job.

Indoor plants

As the best air filters, plants use contaminants in the air as their main ingredient in cellular respiration. In exchange, plants give off oxygen that is useful for homeowners and people in general. Having indoor plants, like larger palm trees, will do.

Doing these  will help you in maintaining good air quality. Good air quality equates to a peace of mind.



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