What Causes My A/C Coil to Freeze Up?

It is possible for your A/C coil to freeze up. If this happens, it means there is something wrong with your HVAC system. There are a few things that may cause this, such as:

Thermostat Error

If your thermostat isn’t running properly, it will give the wrong signal to your AC. As a result, your AC won’t run properly either. If the unit runs too hard and delivers air that is too cold, there is a chance its coil might freeze.

Dirty Air Filters

If your filter has too much dirt buildup, the cold air won’t be able to flow through as easily. As the cold air fails to circulate, the coil will get too cold. In time, this will cause the A/C coil to freeze up.

Blocked Condensate Line

Your AC absorbs excess moisture from the air to deliver air at a more comfortable humidity. The excess moisture will run to the drain through the condensate line. If the line gets blocked, the cold water will remain there. If the blockage is near the evaporator coil, it will get too cold. Eventually, ice will start to build up.

Malfunctioned Fan Motor

When your fan motor breaks, the air will not push through. As a result, the coil will get too cold and freeze up eventually. Dirty motor blades may also cause this kind of issue, even if the motor itself is fine.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in your AC unit should run in a closed loop. If the line is leaking, some refrigerant will come out and cause a shortage in the loop. Since your AC will now not have enough of this chemical, your AC will absorb more heat than it should. Hence, the temperature will drop and ice will start to appear.

Doing nothing to your frozen coil may lead to more serious consequences. Your compressor might eventually break, which means you will need to replace it. There will also be serious water damage to your house. So if you find your AC coil freezing up, here is what you must do as soon as possible:

  1. Turn your AC system off to stop the freezing.
  2. Let the ice melt. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process, but don’t try chipping off the ice because it might damage your coil.
  3. Clean up the water from the melting ice before it damages your walls or furniture.
  4. Find out what is causing the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. If you can’t seem to handle it yourself, get professional help.
  5. After getting all the problems fixed, continue paying attention to your AC and see if the problem recurs.

If the problem recurs even after repairs, then there must be another reason why your AC coil freezes up. Ask your technician to perform a thorough inspection to determine the culprit.

There is no need to panic if you find ice around your AC coil because it is probably just a small problem. However, underestimating the issue might create big problems in the future.

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