A Comprehensive Checklist for an A/C Tune-Up

An A/C tune-up service is a great value for the cost of service. Not only does it optimize your comfort, but it also prevents your system from breaking. A well-maintained AC also tends to have a longer lifespan and higher efficiency. Now, the question is “What should be included in an AC tune-up?” Below is the list of the essential tasks.

1.   Total Cleaning

Dirt buildup may block airflow and cause inefficiency. Thus, cleaning is essential during an A/C tune-up. You should expect cleaning on every part of your indoor and outdoor units. The tasks should also include unclogging the drain line and replacing the air filter.


2.   Tighten Loose Parts

Parts may loosen up over time. That is why you may hear clanking sounds if your AC hasn’t been tuned up in a while. Besides keeping the system running quietly, tightening parts will also prevent your unit from breaking.

3.   Lubricate Moving Parts

You want all the moving parts in your AC unit to move smoothly, thus lubricating them is necessary. Otherwise, it will be harder for them to work. They also may sound squeaky and overheat until they completely shut down eventually.

4.   Inspect and Fix Ductwork

If your AC is a central system, the tune-up service usually includes an inspection of your ductwork and fixing any problems found. This includes dirt buildup, leaks, and mold. Your technician will also clean the inlets and outlets.

5.   Check the Refrigerant

Your refrigerant should run in a closed loop. A leak will cause a lack of refrigerant as it dissipates. As a result, your AC will not be able to do a good job of cooling the indoor air. To prevent this type of inconvenience, your technician just needs to take a look at it and measure the refrigerant level during regular maintenance.

6.   Test the Electrical Power

Faulty electrical parts can not only lead to malfunction but also danger. The consequences can be your AC not turning on, unstable operation, tripped breaker, or even a short circuit. When hiring a professional service for an A/C tune-up, make sure to have your technicians inspect the sockets, circuit breakers, and all the wiring connected to the system.

7.   A/C Tune-up Assessment

After all the tasks are done, the very last thing the technicians will do before leaving is run a test to see if everything works properly. This step is mainly to make sure that nothing has been skipped. If the assessment has gone smoothly, you can sit back and relax knowing your AC is perfectly tuned up.

Of course, you should hire a professional to get this job done well. But, you still need to know what their assignments are to make sure they do everything well. Sometimes, HVAC companies list the tasks they include in their A/C tune-up service. Before signing a working contract, be sure to check that their list is complete. And by the time they arrive to do their job, you may also need to supervise them to make sure they don’t skip anything.



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