When Should I Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up

An air conditioning tune up can effectively prevent your AC unit from breaking. That means the service can help you avoid a costly repair service. Experts recommend having your AC unit tuned up at least once a year. But when is the best time to get an air conditioning tune-up?


Your AC unit will work the hardest in summer when the hot weather reaches its peak. There will be a wide gap in temperature between the outdoor weather and your preferred temperature. You might even keep the unit running 24 hours a day without stopping to deal with the heat. That’s why you need to be sure that your AC will be at peak performance around the time.

If summer has already started, it might be a little bit too late for a tune-up. Technicians will likely be busy in the summer because a lot of people’s AC units will break down during the summer. Scheduling a service might be difficult and expensive.

Spring is the best season for a tune-up service because it is just weeks away from summer. If your technician finds something wrong with your AC during the tune-up, there will still be time to get it fixed properly.

Other Reasons to Get a Tune-Up

Besides your annual spring tune-up, your AC might need another tune-up if you notice an issue, such as:

1. Mold

Mold growing around your AC or pipeline indicates excess moisture. It could be a broken compressor, blocked drain, or something else. A tune-up usually can find the culprit and resolve the issue. Never ignore any mold growth as it can cause odor and health issues.

2. Temperature Swings

Sometimes it is normal to have temperature changes, especially if you leave your curtains or windows open. But if your room temperature keeps swinging oddly, then you might need a tune-up service to get it back to normal.

3. Weak or Warm Airflow

Weak or warm airflow is the most common AC problem. There are many possible reasons for this. Most often it is because the AC unit hasn’t had regular maintenance and tune-ups. Almost every case like this disappears after a proper tune-up.

4. Strange Sounds

You know how your AC normally sounds. So, if you hear any unusual sounds, you had better call a technician and ask for a tune-up. Sometimes it may just be a normal sound an AC unit makes, but many unusual sounds are not okay and should be investigated.

The problems listed above might not be huge issues. A quick tune-up job can fix some of them in an instant. But be careful because they can escalate and cause bigger issues if you fail to address them as soon as possible.

A tune-up helps your unit to stay running in prime condition. On the other hand, neglecting it may result in a lot of bigger problems later. Therefore, make sure you have regular tune-ups scheduled and only let professionals perform these tasks.

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