Why DIY Electrical Work Isn’t the Best Option

Electrical repairs can sometimes be tempting to attempt without the proper training, but that could be a huge mistake! There are many dangers that an untrained person won’t have the foresight to anticipate, and can lead to dangerous and often costly results. From fires and electrocution, and even building code violations, there are many hazards that make electrical repairs best left to the professionals.

Electrical Shock Risk

Working with electrical wiring is not something to take lightly. High voltages in your home could lead to serious electrical shock, ranging from extremely unpleasant to fatal. There’s a reason that licensed residential electricians undergo years of training to work on your home!

Some people may think that simply turning off the power from the breaker box can avoid the dangers of electric shock, but knowing which breakers to switch and remembering this step can be a serious mistake that a do-it-yourself amateur can make. There are extremely high voltages in your home’s electrical system, and taking the risk of electrocution to save a bit of money isn’t worth it.

Your safety is more important!

DIY Electrical Work can Mean Fire Hazards

It may come as a surprise, but electrical risks aren’t the only dangers of residential electrical repairs. A range of issues like faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and other electrical mistakes can lead to sparks and fires in your home.

Wiring problems are the source of many residential fires, and often happen days or weeks after DIY electrical work was attempted. A bad connection can lead to an electrical short down the road, causing a fire when you least expect it.

Code Violations and Fines

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to electrical work, and only a professional electrician can guarantee that your home meets those standards. Oftentimes, residential areas are governed by rules regarding electrical work, and without the proper licensing or permits you could incur serious fines, especially if your home undergoes an electrical inspection.

If you ever wanted to sell your home, it will need to pass inspection! Avoid the hassle or worrying about future fines or inspection failures by leaving the electrical work to the professionals.

Unforeseen Disasters

In addition to code violations, electrical dangers, and fire risks, there are a multitude of other hazards that should steer you clear of attempting do-it-yourself electrical work. Ceiling fan installations, when done improperly, can result in a ceiling fan crashing down.

Or, the incorrect wiring, outlet, or switches being installed can cause property or personal damages that would have been easily avoidable. Even something as simple as a previously mislabeled breaker box could result in a live current during electrical work, increasing the risk of electrocution to an incredibly dangerous degree.

If you manage to dodge any immediate consequences like physical harm or property damage, a botched electrical job can still end up being more costly than the original work would have been if a skilled electrician had done the work in the first place!

Leave the electrical work to the professionals! East Coast Mechanical, also known as ECM, has been providing quality electrical services since 1985.

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