What is Covered by a Home Warranty?

HVACs and air conditioners already cost big bucks, and encountering malfunctions are inevitable. System repairs can come as a surprise expense for many homeowners, especially during the summer months. When the weather is hot and humid, air conditioners have to work around the clock to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature inside the home.
What is covered by a home warranty? This is where determining whether your air conditioning system is covered by a warranty becomes important. Warranties can provide coverage for repairs if the cooling system issues are considered covered components.

Determine Whether You Have a Warranty or Not

New cooling systems are more likely to be covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. The warranties usually last 5 to 10 years, depending on the system’s manufacturer. However, just because your system is brand new does not necessarily mean it is automatically covered by a warranty.
Find out if your system has an existing warranty by trying the following steps:

● Check the Documents

Air conditioners come with documents and manuals. Chances are, if your system has a warranty, then the information is likely to be included in the paperwork and documents.

● Check the Internet

Most manufacturers provide warranty information on their websites. To check whether your system is covered, you have to look up the air conditioner’s serial number on the manufacturer’s website.

Each air conditioner comes with a unique serial number, which is usually found on the rating plate of the system – located on the exterior of the equipment.

What is NOT Covered by a Warranty?

Warranties vary from one manufacturer to another. However, one thing is certain – warranties do not cover labor and the things required to assemble the product in your home. Although most warranties cover defective parts, certain components are not covered, such as:

● Regulators
● Refrigerant lines and weld joints
● Condensate pumps and drain lines

Just like with parts, certain issues are not covered by a warranty such as:

● Blocked drains and filters due to lack of maintenance
● Outside impact on the unit
● Issues caused by not following equipment instruction guidelines, and irregular maintenance
● Issues caused by the outlet or air inlet being obstructed or blocked

How to Keep Your Warranty Valid

Simple innocent mistakes can cause your warranty to become void. What you thought was a harmless thing might end up causing problems not only for your system but also for your warranty.
Such mistakes can be avoided by following these steps:

● Register your HVAC System

Most manufacturers require homeowners to register their new cooling system for a warranty immediately upon purchase. Failing to do so within the required amount of time will inevitably void the warranty that came with your air conditioner.

● Use Approved and Official Replacement Parts

Some homeowners opt to purchase replacement parts that are not produced nor approved by the manufacturer since they tend to be cheaper. Choosing other parts over official ones may end up damaging the air conditioner in the long run. Once it does, the warranty will already be void due to the wrong replacement part.

● Hire a Certified and Licensed Technician

As mentioned above, issues concerning irregular maintenance can void a warranty. This means that any error caused by a faulty maintenance routine (or a lack thereof) is not covered by the warranty.

The best way to avoid any problems from arising is to hire a licensed technician. These people are trained to get your cooling system to perform at its maximum capacity, and can spot any arising issues before they cause damage to the system.

Keep your warranty valid for the upcoming repairs by scheduling regular maintenance and hiring licensed technicians to check on your system.

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