Questions to Ask Your Potential AC Installer

Choosing a company with the proper license and insurance is not enough to base your trust in them as your potential AC installer. You still need to ask many questions to see if they have sufficient capability and professionalism to do their job. 

Here are five of the most important questions you need to ask your potential AC installer before you can make a decision:

  1. What Is Your Warranty Policy?
  2. What Do You Think is The Best System for My House and Why?
  3. How Experienced Is Your Team?
  4. What Is Your Procedure?
  5. What Kind of Training Has Your Team Have Received?

These five questions will help you better understand whether or not the company you’re considering is qualified to install your AC unit. Be sure to ask them before making your final decision.

What Is Your Warranty Policy?

Instead of asking whether the company has a warranty or not, ask them to explain the policy. The policies will likely differ from one company to another, so you must understand each candidate well and compare them. An AC installer that offers no warranty is best avoided because you will waste money if they don’t perform their job well.

What Do You Think is The Best System for My House and Why?

Unprofessional companies will focus on convincing you to go with the most expensive service so they can get a more significant profit. That is why you need to ensure that the system they recommend is most suitable for your home and financial condition. 

For example, some HVAC contractors will have certain brands that they recommend. Ask them why they prefer that brand in particular. If they can’t elaborate, most likely, they are just recommending it to gain more profit.

How Experienced Is Your Team?

This one is a no-brainer. An inexperienced technician does not always mean they have terrible skills. However, choosing a well-experienced one can prevent the risks of drama and failure.

What Is Your Procedure?

The correct procedure starts with a home inspection. The technician will then recommend the service that might be best for your house. Expect a formal quote with a clear explanation of the contract. The job begins upon the written agreement of the contract. Some HVAC installations require city permits, so ensure your technician knows how to take care of that.

What Air Conditioner Size Do You Think is Best for My House?

Many ACs in households are not properly sized, which leads to inefficiency. Lazy technicians will recommend sizing based on a general estimation. 

This is what you need to avoid. Instead, you need a professional who will conduct a precise calculation of your house to give you an accurate sizing recommendation.

What Kind of Training Has Your Team Have Received?

This one tells a lot about their skill. Don’t forget to ask for proof of training, such as a certificate. If possible, choose an AC installer that gives periodic training to their team. This way, you will be assured that your installer has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on skill in their field.

Besides the answers, the company’s tone in answering questions also gives you a sense of professionalism. Reliable companies will gladly explain to you as clearly as possible to better understand the project. Meanwhile, others can be impatient and give you short answers to hurry the project along. Remember, proper communication with your AC installer is essential.



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