Best Central Air Conditioner

The central air conditioning system is the best solution for steady and even air conditioning throughout the whole house. Although the system is quite pricey, it is important to invest in a top-quality product that is durable and efficient. If you are planning to purchase one, here are some candidates for best central air conditioner:

Goodman DSXC18

The Goodman brand is notable for its value,, especially the DSXC18 series. With a two-stage compressor and an ECM motor, this air conditioner efficiently delivers cool air evenly throughout the house. The Goodman DSXC18 also comes with ComfortNet, a built-in diagnostic tool with a touchscreen display. This feature allows you to control the operation of your AC unit while also monitoring its status and any potential problems.

Lennox XC25

Speaking of energy efficiency, the best central air conditioner for this is the Lennox XC25, with an outstanding SEER rating of 26. Combined with the iComfort S30 Ultra-Smart thermostat, and variable capacity cooling, this system allows you to save energy up to 60% more than the conventional units, all while maintaining your family’s comfort. If you desire an even more eco-friendly system, you can add the SunSource solar power panel to your Lennox XC25.

Amana AVXC20

Another great model is the Amana AVXC20 which excels in durability and steady performance. Installation, maintenance, and repairs are also moderately easier compared to other major brands. Having a variable-speed compressor in this system results in a more balanced temperature distribution and less humid air, thus allowing maximum comfort. The Amana AVXC20 boasts an impressive efficiency SEER of 24.5.

American Standard Platinum 20

This model features variable-capacity compressors and variable-speed motor fans. You can gradually adjust their speeds as needed. Not only do these features make the system run more efficiently, they also maintain maximum comfort for your family. The American Standard Platinum 20 also comes with an AccuLink thermostat that you can operate through an app.

Heil Deluxe 19 HVA9

If it’s durability you’re after, the Heil Deluxe 19 HVA9 is probably the best option for you as most of the parts are made of galvanized steel. Its warranty covers 10 years for every part, including an instant whole-unit replacement if the compressor or condenser breaks. The variable-capacity system can adapt smoothly to even the slightest condition changes.

These central air conditioners can be a little bit more expensive than any other models in the market, but the quality and efficiency will pay off in the long run. However, if your budget is limited, you can opt for the more affordable models from the same series instead. The overall quality would be just as good, although the performance might not be as outstanding. As long as you stick to the reputable brands, you likely won’t regret the central air conditioning system you buy.

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