Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist

Since your air conditioner is probably running daily during the summer months, you don’t want it to suddenly develop an issue or break down. To avoid such problems, experts will recommend getting an air conditioning tune-up regularly by professional technicians.

Take a look at this checklist to make sure they perform your AC tune-up well:

Thermostat Re-calibration

An incorrect thermostat setting can affect your comfort level and even lead to higher energy consumption for nothing. It is important to get it re-calibrated at least once a year to make sure the AC cools the air to your expected temperature.

Filter Replacement

Your air filter will be dirty from all the dust and impurities it catches. If you don’t get it replaced periodically, the dirt buildup will reduce the machine’s efficiency.

Coil Cleaning

Both the evaporator and condenser coils need to stay clean. Dirty coils may not only lead to compressor failure, but will also raise your electrical bill.

Part Lubrication

Your AC consists of many moving parts, such as the rotating bearings. It is vital to get them all lubricated so they can run more smoothly without making strange noises.

Refrigerant Monitoring

Monitoring the refrigerant status is important to make sure your AC will work effectively, especially if you notice signs such as:

  • The air from the AC is not as cool as it used to be
  • The AC takes a longer time to cool the room than normal
  • The AC doesn’t cool the room evenly.

Unblock the Condensate Drain

A blocked condensate drain can lead to serious water damage and can be costly to fix. Therefore, be sure to get your condensate drain checked as well.

Electrical Checkup

The electrical elements that need checking are exposed wires and connections. Ask your technician to take a look at your circuit breaker as well. You need to be ready for the possibility of short circuit or disconnected electrical flow in the future.

Compressor Monitoring

Besides the electrical elements, your technician also needs to check on your compressor. Have the technician evaluate the level of voltage and amperage to see if it runs how it should. An abnormal electrical flow might be dangerous not only to the appliance but to your whole house as well.

Other Element Inspections

Overall, your AC needs to get checked and readjusted thoroughly. Tighten all the parts that are loose. Treat all the rusty ones. Most importantly, make sure that everything is in perfect shape.

Performance Evaluation

After finishing all the tune-up work, your technician should run your AC to measure its performance. This evaluation can help spot problems, if any, such as energy loss or wear and tear. This can help your technician to see if your AC needs further examination and treatment.

Getting your AC inspected and readjusted correctly can save you from bigger problems in the future. For optimum results, try getting your air conditioner tune-up when summer is about to begin. This way, you can welcome your summer in comfort.

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