Difference Between Air Conditioning Repair, Service, and Maintenance?

When dealing with A/C technicians, you might hear terms like air conditioning repair, service, and maintenance. These terms and their proper usage might be confusing for some people. You may assume that these three words are interchangeable. However, they are all different.

Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning service encompasses every single task that needs to be performed on an AC unit. That includes cleaning, inspecting, fixing, monitoring, replacing, and many other tasks. When you call AC technicians and ask them to do something with your appliance, you are calling for an air conditioning service.

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Repair vs. Maintenance

There are two kinds of services offered by an AC technician: repair and maintenance. Now, here are the differences between those two.


Air conditioning maintenance refers to services that are performed when the AC is still running well. It doesn’t matter if your appliance is old or new, or a central or split system. You need a professional technician to perform this at least once every six months.

On the other hand, air conditioning repair is a service to fix a problem you have with your AC. This can be damage, poor performance or just anything that doesn’t seem normal. This is not a service that you need to schedule or have performed periodically. However, it is highly advisable to call for an air conditioning repair service immediately after you notice something wrong with your AC.


AC repair is intended to resolve any problems you encounter with your machine. Hopefully, your AC will run normally again after getting serviced. As long as your AC runs well, you will not need any air conditioning repair services.

Meanwhile, AC maintenance is intended to keep your AC in prime condition. The service will prevent any problems that may reduce the performance and efficiency of your unit. Keeping your AC well-maintained will also extend its life expectancy.


The cost of services may vary, depending on what kind of service you specifically need. But in general, a repair service will cost a lot more than a maintenance service. Repair is usually more complex. It also takes more time and effort to perform. Meanwhile, maintenance services tend to be easy and quick to perform.

What Is Included?

To get a clearer understanding of the differences between air conditioning repair and maintenance, here are the services included in each of the two:


  • Specific and deep inspection when you notice something is wrong
  • Fixing leaks
  • Removing mold
  • Deep cleaning
  • Adding refrigerant
  • Replacing broken components


  • General inspection
  • Cleaning vital components
  • Lubricating any moving parts
  • Replacing dirty air filters
  • Monitoring electrical flow
  • Measuring the performance of the whole unit
  • Readjusting positions

Having an air conditioner means you will need AC service at some point. At the very least, you need air conditioning maintenance regularly to prevent the need for air conditioning service. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional technician for air conditioning services that you can count on.



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