Water Heater Safety Tips

Not many of us think about the dangers our water heaters and gas appliances can pose when they aren’t installed or maintained properly. When a gas water heater is leaking toxic odorless gas, it can quickly lead to death. Fortunately, in the United States we have laws in place that require a chemical called mercaptan to be added to the natural gas, which gives it a distinct odor so that you can tell there is a gas leak. This gives you the opportunity to act fast.

If you do smell gas coming from your water heater call a reliable company like East Coast Mechanical (ECM) in Boynton Beach and we will send out one of our certified and insured plumbers to inspect the water heater and fix any issues.


Water Heater Safety When Traveling

Other countries have a different set of standards when it comes to appliances, codes and permits. Tragedies like the recent one in Mexico that took the lives of four family members can be avoided when you travel to other countries by checking if there is a gas water heater, and if it is located within the confines of the home. You should also find out whether there are other gas appliances. If there are gas appliances in the home it’s a good idea to bring a natural gas detector with you to discover any gas leaks.

When you rent someone’s condo or home you should make sure everything is working properly. Check the smoke detectors, alarm system and if there is a pool in the backyard make sure it’s gated if you have small children. Make a list of all the local emergency phone numbers so you will have them on hand.

3 Water Heater Installation Tips

  1. Certified Plumber-it’s critical to hire a certified and insured plumber. A qualified and certified plumber will pull permits and install your water heater according to code. This way you can be assured the water heater is installed properly and according to safety standards.
  2. Handyman-do not hire a handyman to install your water heater. This can be very dangerous. A handyman is not a trained plumber or gas certified. A handyman won’t know the proper way to install your water heater and he won’t pull the required permits.
  3. DIY Plumbing-You shouldn’t install a water heater yourself. It’s critical to know how to install the water heater according to code and to pull the necessary permits. Gas water heaters can be quite dangerous if they aren’t installed the right way.

If your water heater isn’t installed by a licensed and insured plumber with proper permits up to code you could be setting yourself up for dangerous issues. Keep in mind that when you rent a home outside of the states you should be cautious. Bring a few natural gas detectors with you. This extra safety measure could save your life. If you have any questions about water heater installation or you need a new water heater call ECM today to set up an appointment with one of our certified plumbers 561-585-9850.

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