Make a Resolution to Lower Your Energy Bills

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bill

It can be frustrating to get your utility bill in the mail each month. For some people, the bill seems to get higher and higher. To save a little bit of money, there are plenty of things you can do to help lower your energy consumption and therefore lower the monthly costs of your West Palm Beach home. Some of these tips don’t even require much thought or money. Below are some easy ways to save money each month on your bill.

Adjust Your Thermostat

A few degrees on your thermostat can mean a big difference on your bill. During the summertime, it is best to keep your thermostat set between 76 and 78 degrees when you are home.

When you leave for the day, it is best to turn the unit off. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air and keep your home cooler without having to lower the thermostat.

Use Dryer Balls

Most homeowners know that the dryer is a big energy hog. To help reduce drying time and thus reduce the amount of energy used, throw in a dryer ball with each load. These dryer balls help to improve the efficiency of your dryer and help to cut the drying time of each load significantly.

Wash Laundry In Cold Water

It takes energy to make hot water. To save money while doing your laundry you can opt to wash your clothes in cold water. Not only will you be saving the energy required for heating the water, you can also get your clothes just as clean if you use detergent specifically made for cold water washing.

Keep Vents Clean

To keep the air flowing easily through your home, be sure to check often that your vents are open and clean. If a vent in one room is closed, it could make your ac unit work harder to keep the whole home cool. The same is true when trying to keep your home warm. Also, be sure to keep all vents clean and clear of debris and replace any filters on a monthly basis.

Install Faucet Aerators

Replacing your faucet aerators is another great way to save money on your West Palm Beach utility bill. Using aerators that use less gallons per minute will greatly reduce how much water is wasted while you are showering, brushing your teeth and even washing your hands. The aerators will also help to save energy when using warm water as well.

It’s time to change your West Palm Beach home’s energy use. Call East Coast Mechanical Services at (561) 475-1889 for energy-efficient HVAC services.

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