The #1 Heater Trouble During a Cold Front

Heater Odor: Why is Your Heater Emitting a Burning Smell?

During the winter months, most fire departments receive a large amount of calls, even here in West Palm Beach. The fact is that most South Floridians don’t know how to  go about safely heating their homes, so you should read this before turning your heat on for the first time this season!  Many people report a burnt smell after turning on the heater. This can happen if the heater has not been used in several months, and most people would be alarmed by a strange odor. The fire department can put out a fire, but you still need an HVAC technician to assess the issue. There are several reasons why a burning smell could be emitting from your heater.

Burning Dust

Burning dust is the most common reason for a burnt odor. After being off for several months, dirt will collect inside the heater. When the dirt burns, the odor will circulate throughout your home. The smell will usually go away in less than an hour, but you should still make an appointment with an HVAC technician. Burning dust can cause a large fire.

Heat Pumps and Heat Strips

Heat strips could be causing the burning smell. If you notice the odor after raising the temperature on your thermostat, the heat strips could be activating and emitting and unpleasant odor. The odor will usually dissipate after a few days. If the odor does not go away after a few days, the heater might be malfunctioning. Melting wires are a serious problem, and an HVAC technician needs to repair the issue immediately.

Debris in the Heater

Debris in the heater can also cause a foul odor. An HVAC technician can check the heater and duct work for foreign objects. Debris in the heater can damage the electrical components, and a fire can start if the wires are overheated.

The burnt odor emitting from your heater may not be a serious problem, but you should still have your A/C system inspected to make sure it is functioning properly. Preventative maintenance should be completed on a regular basis. You can save money on repairs when problems are detected early, and a certified West Palm Beach HVAC technician can ensure your heater is always in optimal condition. If you need a new unit, an HVAC technician can recommend a system that is suitable for your home.

Are you having trouble with your West Palm Beach, FL heater during a cold front? Call East Coast Mechanical Services at (561) 475-1889 for all your heating needs!

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