Purify Your Home’s Air With These Tips

Air Quality Control: 3 Ways To Make Your Indoor Air Safer

Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Those with asthma or other breathing problems know how important it is to have good quality air indoors. Did you know that it’s possible for the air inside your Boynton Beach home to be more dangerous and toxic than the air outside of your home? How is it possible that a home, especially if it’s clean, can have dirty air? A lot of the dust and other particles that come inside a home may end up staying inside, especially once the windows are closed. Mold can also grow in a home, which can also be released into the air.

Carpets and Surfaces

The carpets inside a home also do a good job of trapping particles that tend to flow back into the air if the vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a good filter. There are certain things you can do to keep the air quality in your home clean, so you’ll have better air to breathe indoors. Vacuum Often It’s important to vacuum carpeted floors as much as possible, or at least once a week.

Vacuum Surfaces Regularly

If you vacuum weekly and have a good filter in your vacuum, then you’ll be able to get rid of the dust and other nasty particles that stick around the home and can ultimately make you sick. Vacuuming is a good line of defense against toxins in a home, especially if it’s done on a regular basis. Clean The Carpets You need to get your carpets cleaned once in a while, and don’t think that vacuuming alone will help.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Sometimes, particles can get deep into the roots of the carpet, and a good carpet cleaning will help to get rid of those particles. The less dust and other particles that are in the carpet, the less likely it is to go back into the air in the home. Change Your Air Filter Those who have central air need to ensure that their HVAC unit has a clean filter.

Having a clean filter can make all the difference between having clean air and dirty air in the home. The filter in an HVAC unit can help to catch dust, bacteria, germs, and other particles that can eventually make you sick. This filter needs to be changed periodically, and your West Palm Beach HVAC unit should be well-maintained. An HVAC maintenance person can make sure your unit is working properly and change the filter when it’s necessary.

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