How to Maximize Your HVAC Service

Calling on an HVAC service can be tricky because you might end up wasting money without benefiting from anything. That is why you need to know the proper steps to go through to make sure you proceed with the right service for your system.

Check Your Warranty

If your warranty is still active, all you need to do is just call your manufacturer and follow through. It will save you a lot of money than immediately calling an HVAC repairman. Also, read the terms to see if your current situation is still under their warranty coverage.


Choose the Right Contractor

If your warranty won’t cover it, then you need to call a professional HVAC contractor to deal with the repair. Check the company’s rating and reviews to verify their credibility. It is also important to make sure that the technicians in charge of fixing your system have the proper license and experience in their expertise.

Be Clear About Your Concerns

When speaking to your HVAC service contractor, you need to be clear with your needs. Explain, in detail, the issue you are having with your system. They will inspect it anyway. But with detailed information, they would be able to do their job more quickly and precisely.

Expect An Inspection

No professional HVAC contractor will propose a service without prior inspection. They need to see the existing situation first to determine the actual problem and find a way to fix it. If a contractor offers you a fixed price for HVAC service without any inspection beforehand, it is more likely to be nothing but a scam.

Consider the HVAC Service Cost

After the inspection, they will propose a quote, which will also mention how much the service will cost. Here is the crucial part to help you decide whether it is better to proceed with the service, or just replace the whole thing with a brand-new unit.

As a rule of thumb, an HVAC unit is only worth it if the system’s age is less than 50% of its expected lifespan, and the service cost is still below 50% of the total replacement cost.

Test It Out

Don’t let your technicians leave your home before you make sure your system has been properly repaired or replaced. Run a thorough test to see if it works efficiently. Don’t forget to ask for a warranty in anticipation of other problems that may appear in the following days.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to keep it running in its optimal state. It will reduce your chance of needing HVAC services for broken parts. If you don’t normally give your HVAC system regular maintenance, it is time to start. You can ask your HVAC technician to schedule it for you.

Some people might consider fixing their HVAC system themselves to save money, but it is not a wise move. Without the proper knowledge, skill, and tools, you might end up doing more harm than good. At the end of the day, you will waste more money than necessary.



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