How to Hide an Air Conditioner Unit Outside

I. Introduction

Air conditioners have become indispensable in homes, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. However, the external units of these air conditioners often disrupt the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Let’s explore ingenious and practical ideas for hiding air conditioner units outside, enhancing the overall appearance of your home. From simple DIY projects to more elaborate constructions, we’ll delve into various covering options that not only hide these units but also protect them while ensuring they function optimally.

II. Clever Ideas for Hiding Air Conditioner Units Outside

A. Cover Them with Pallets and Wood Planks

Creating a cover using pallets and wood planks is a cost-effective and stylish way to hide your outdoor air conditioner unit. This method involves constructing a simple frame around the unit and attaching pallets or wood planks. The natural look of the wood can be enhanced with paint, matching your home’s exterior. Consider placing potted plants around the structure to add a touch of greenery. This conceals the unit and integrates it seamlessly into your garden’s aesthetics.

B. Enclose Them with Flower Planters

Using flower planters is an aesthetically pleasing way to conceal your air conditioner. This method involves arranging large planters around the unit, filled with a mix of green and flowering plants. 

The planters serve a dual purpose: they hide the unit and contribute to the garden’s beauty. This choice is especially attractive for individuals who enjoy integrating their air conditioner unit into their landscaping efforts, as it offers the opportunity for imaginative expression through various plants.

C. Create a Mini Shed for Them

Building a mini shed around your air conditioner unit offers robust protection while keeping it out of sight. This structure can shield the unit from harsh weather conditions, including storms and hurricanes, ensuring longevity. The shed can be designed to match your home’s exterior, blending in seamlessly. Additionally, the shed’s design can include easy access for maintenance, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations for distance and ventilation.

D. Build a Modern Aluminum Cabinet for Them

For a long-term, durable solution, consider constructing a modern aluminum cabinet. Aluminum slats are resilient against severe weather conditions, making them ideal for protecting air conditioner units. This option hides the unit and adds a contemporary touch to your home’s exterior. The design can ensure proper ventilation for the air conditioner, crucial for its efficient operation.

E. Make Use of the Pool Pump Cover

Utilizing a pool pump cover to conceal your air conditioner unit can be an innovative solution if you have a pool. These covers come in various designs and can be adapted to cover the air conditioner. It’s essential to ensure that the cover allows for adequate ventilation to maintain the unit’s performance.

III. Things to Consider When Hiding Air Conditioner Units Outside

A. Providing Proper Ventilation

When covering your outdoor air conditioner unit, it’s crucial to maintain proper ventilation. Inadequate airflow can lead to overheating and reduce the unit’s efficiency and lifespan. Ensure that any covering options for outdoor units allow for sufficient air circulation.

B. Meeting the Recommended Distance

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding distance is crucial when building a cover. This compliance guarantees that the unit functions both safely and efficiently. The materials used for the cover should be chosen with this consideration, allowing easy access for maintenance and repairs.

C. Ensuring Accessibility

While aesthetics are essential, practicality should be noticed. The structure to hide your air conditioner unit should be easily removable or accessible for regular maintenance. Balancing the aesthetics of air conditioner placement with the practical need for upkeep is key.

IV. Conclusion

Concealing your outdoor air conditioner unit can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. From wooden pallet covers to modern aluminum cabinets, numerous creative hiding air conditioner ideas exist to explore. Remember to prioritize ventilation, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for distance, and ensure easy access for maintenance. With these considerations in mind, you can effectively protect your air conditioner from weather elements while maintaining its efficiency and adding a touch of beauty to your outdoor space.

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