Should I get a Ductless HVAC System?

If you seek comfort and efficiency in a home appliance system, you should think about getting a ductless HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. These are usually the ones you find in restaurants and hotel rooms that are usually just mounted onto a small portion of the wall without the presence of ducts. This type of HVAC system will serve as a great addition to your house. Here are more reasons why you should switch to a ductless HVAC system:

How do Ductless HVAC Systems Work?

In terms of structure, this type of HVAC system differs from the traditional ones because of the lack of ducts. It only makes use of an indoor unit mounted onto a wall and an outdoor compressor unit. The main difference in how it works is that it blows cool air directly into a single area or room, whereas the typical ducted ACs will distribute cool air throughout the entire home.

Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System

● You save money

Going ductless is not necessarily cheap, but it will save you a lot of money when it comes to electricity bills. Having a ductless HVAC system means that there is less risk of air leakage, which can also be a factor in your high electricity bills. It is also a lot cheaper than installing ducts on an existing house.

Through ductless HVAC systems, you can use “zoning,” wherein each room or space is controlled by remote. Zoning avoids the possibility of heating or cooling rooms that are not occupied. Overall, ductless HVAC units pay for themselves in the long run.

● Easy installation

Ductless HVAC systems are easy to install in comparison to the traditional ones that take weeks. There is also no need to break down and rebuild structures of your home to make space for ducts. They only require a small hole to be drilled into your wall for the indoor unit and outdoor compressor of the system.

● They are quiet

If you are someone that gets annoyed by the loud whirring sound that your air conditioner makes, then going ductless is the right move for you. There will not be any loud screeching and whistling sounds since there are no ducts used in the system. Mini-split systems are designed to work quieter than traditional HVAC systems as well since they do not use as much power.

● Improve the quality of your air

Dirt, dust, and other debris can get stuck in the ducts of your HVAC system, especially if you forget to clean the filters regularly. However, with ductless HVAC systems, there is less possibility of dust and other contaminants to be mixed with the air you inhale.

Traditional HVAC units also require regular professional cleanings, or else the quality of your indoor air will drastically degrade. With ductless HVAC systems, you do not have to worry about that since they use multi-step filtration systems to help remove dirt and irritants that may cause health complications.

Ductless HVAC systems are a great investment when it comes to your home. It is much more convenient than the usual ducted air HVAC systems. However, just like any other, you should still observe proper maintenance for them. You should hire a certified HVAC technician to check your system regularly for minor damages or other issues. Maintenance check-ups will help extend the lifespan of your system, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the comfort much longer.

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