Do Air Conditioners Contribute to Coronavirus Spread?

Air conditioners do not only make the air cool, they also make the air clean and safe. With the current global situation, several studies have proposed that air conditioners pose as a new threat. According to these studies, air conditioners can help the spread of coronavirus. But do air conditioning units actually help spread the virus?

Air conditioning may indeed help the spread of the coronavirus. But only those models that recirculate air. Bigger air conditioning units used in buildings to cool the entire structure are most likely to recirculate air. While it is cheaper to recirculate air, it jeopardizes the safety of the people enjoying the cool air. Airborne transmission is what will keep people in contact with the virus. Recirculated air potentially carries the virus all over the place for a long time. This act alone is a probable cause of the spiking number of cases.

This is why there are some public establishments that are limiting the use of their air conditioning units – to avoid the possibility of people coming into contact with the virus. Another protective measure enforced is the wearing ofs protective masks within public spaces. Since there are workplaces that require physical presence, employees are required to wear protective masks.

Lastly, this is also the reason why over 200 scientists all over the world encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to consistently update their regulations. However, air conditioning units as a potential spreader of the virus still needs further studies. There is a study negating that although swab samples in air filters have found traces of the coronavirus, this does not automatically mean that people can get the virus through an air conditioning unit. Studies will help solidify the evidence of air conditioners as contributors to further coronavirus spread.

What should be done then?

Since the coronavirus is still at large, and air conditioners can be a potential carrier and spreader of the virus, it is best for people to follow protocols within air conditioned establishments, like malls. In this way, people can prevent themselves from having contact with the virus.

At home and in the office, using indoor air quality accessories can help maintain the air quality. Since air is constantly recirculated, indoor air quality accessories or IAQ accessories can eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Installing UV air systems in your air conditioning units can help kill viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet (UV) light emitted from the bulbs can efficiently maintain air quality. This is one of the methods that hospitals use to maintain their air quality.

Another one is through using hepa filters. Installing hepa filters on your air conditioning unit can help trap the virus and keep air clean and safe.

Whether air conditioned or not, people need to be vigilant. While masks can prevent people from contracting the virus, it is still ineffective without social/physical distancing. Keeping a distance of 6 feet from others, and wearing a mask is still the best way to protect yourself from the virus.

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