Commercial HVAC Repair

There are plenty of ways to know whether your commercial HVAC system is operating smoothly or  needs immediate repair. While some indications seem  obvious, other signs are a little more difficult to determine.  Moreover, when the system breaks down, the smartest move is to call a certified technician who can provide a quick diagnosis and the necessary commercial HVAC repair.

What is Commercial HVAC Repair?

While HVAC maintenance is essential to ensure that the system is at optimal performance, a repair may be necessary when the unit begins to fail. There are repairs that can be fixed easily and on the spot. But when damage seems a bit complicated, a thorough repair may be required.

What are the Signs That  Your HVAC Needs a Repair?

  • Temperature fluctuates

When the temperature fluctuates or   becomes uneven, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with the system. This sign should not be ignored, not only because it will affect the productivity and comfort of all workers, but because it will impact the life span of the unit as well.

  • Foul or musty odor from the system

A bad smell from the system will definitely reach the four corners of the building. This is due to the humidity and moisture trapped in the ducts. The foul odor will worsen if this sign is ignored. It can even cause health issues in the long run. An immediate repair is necessary to address melting wires and to remove burnt components.

  • Increase in energy consumption

A sudden increase in energy consumption is probably due to a damaged HVAC system. Instead of waiting for your next bill and hoping that it will go down, it is best to have a technician check your commercial HVAC system.

Who to Call for Commercial HVAC Repairs?

When the commercial HVAC system needs repair, an HVACR technician can help you. An HVACR technician is trained to install, maintain, and repair any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. Among the tasks that a technician does includes:

  • Testing of pipe or tube joints and connections for any leaks
  • Testing of electrical circuits
  • Repairing and replacing of defective parts
  • Changing of filters and cleaning of ducts to improve the system performance
  • Installation of thermostats and adjusting them to suit the required temperature
  • Connecting the HVAC units to other sources like fuel, water, or refrigerant
  • Following the local government rules and regulations in accordance with the federal law on energy consumption
  • Assembling of the HVAC unit, and mounting or positioning them at a desired place

What is the Cost of a Commercial HVAC Repair?

The cost of commercial HVAC repairs may vary depending on the necessary service or  the extent of the damage. On average, a repair may cost around $100 on the service fee alone. This covers labor, assessments, and troubleshooting. If the refrigerant needs a quick recharge, it may cost an additional $250 – $500. If other parts need repairs and replacements, this will also amount to additional expenses. Commercial HVAC repairs can be costly, but it will be  beneficial if you want to extend the life of the system and ensure the efficiency of the unit.



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