Sell More Homes with a Home Warranty Service Contract

If you’re a realtor and you’re working with clients, sometimes it’s the little perks that go along with the purchase that can make the difference. When you’re selling a home, you spend time on staging, photos and marketing the property. However, did you ever consider offering a home warranty service contract with a home you were selling in South Florida as an additional perk? If you’re having trouble selling an older property, offering a full service contract will give the home buyer peace of mind.

The home buyer will feel more comfortable about the purchase knowing they will have protection in case the appliances or cooling system is in need of replacement or repair. The last thing a home buyer wants to think about is spending money on repairs in their new home.

Service contracts are also beneficial for first time home buyers. A new home buyer may not have thought about the home’s appliances and how expensive repairs can become in a short period of time. Many home buyers spend years saving money for the down payment and closing costs of their first home. If they have a good home warranty, they will know that there won’t be any costly surprises once they move into their home. Giving home buyers the gift of a home warranty contract will not only help you sell one home it may help you sell many other when home buyers here or read about this perk.

Why Offer a Home Warranty Service Contract to Home buyers

  1. Homes with Service Contracts Sell Faster – research shows that homes with service contracts sell 16 percent faster than homes without a home warranty plan. These plans drive sales because of the protection they provide.
  2. Home Warranties offer a Competitive Edge – when you mention to your client that you’re offering a home warranty service plan as a gift you should let them know how much they’re saving. They will also be saving money on the repairs that they would have to make on their appliances, which can easily cost thousands.
  3. Marketing Tool – when you offer your homebuyers a service plan for their appliances and A/C you are offering them insurance that if an appliance or the A/C should have an issue, they won’t have to worry about it.
  4. Added Value-service contracts add from $1,000 to $3,000 in additional value to the appraisal.
  5. Security for homeowner-over two-thirds of all homes purchased have 2 major mechanical systems fail within the first, second or third year following the purchase of a pre-owned or new home.

A Few Benefits of Purchasing an ECM Home Warranty Service Contract

  • Each service contract is tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited service calls for free
  • Unlimited free labor and parts
  • You pay one low fee for the year
  • If we can’t fix it we will replace it
  • Same day/Next day service on most service calls
  • Industry leaders with 30+ years of experience

There are many benefits to purchasing a home warranty plan with ECM (East Coast Mechanical) located in Boynton Beach, Florida, we offer many types of home protections plans. You can also pick and choose the type of service contract you want to offer your client. Contact ECM today to find out more about purchasing a home warranty contract for your clients at 561-617-8745.

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