How Do Home Warranties Work

How do home warranties work? They cover repairs and replacements for your appliances for a specified period. Different appliances, such as heaters and air conditioners, are not safe from system breakdowns and occasional repairs no matter how durable they seem to be. Sometimes you will be surprised at how costly repairs can be. This is where having a home warranty comes in handy.

What are Home Warranties?

A home warranty is a service contract that usually lasts for about a year. It covers repairs and replacements for your home appliances that may be caused by age or by unexpected failure. This saves a lot of homeowners money, especially when an appliance breaks unexpectedly. With home warranties, you do not have to spend money out of your pocket when the air conditioning unit malfunctions.
However, it is important to note that home warranties are different from home insurance plans. Home warranties cover breakdowns of most major home appliances like washers, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Home insurance plans, on the other hand, cover damages caused by certain factors like fires, thunderstorms, and vandalism. It does not include regular appliance breakdown in its coverage.

How Do Home Warranties Work?

When your air conditioning unit breaks down, you can call your home warranty company and tell them about the issue you are facing. The home warranty company then checks if the appliance or home system breakdown is part of your plan. If it is, they will call a service provider near you to perform the repair or replacement. All you have to pay for is the service-call-up-fee, which can vary with different home warranty plans. Everything else is shouldered in your home warranty plan.

What Does it Cover?

Generally, home warranty contracts cover repair and replacements of the following appliances or home systems:

● Air conditioners
● Heaters
● Central ventilation systems
● Washers and dryers
● Kitchen appliances
● Electrical systems
● Plumbing systems
● Ceiling fans

Coverage for every home warranty plan changes depending on your home warranty company and the policy of the contract that you signed. Make sure to read your plan carefully to understand more of its perks before you pay anything.

Things to Remember Before Acquiring a Home Warranty Plan

Before you pay and commit to a home warranty plan, you should consider a few things first. Here are some tips you should remember before selecting one:

● Know which appliances you want to protect.

Home warranty coverage can vary per company and per contract. That is why knowing which appliances are prone to repairs and breakdowns is important. Prioritize the appliances that you use on the daily, like air conditioners. Constant usage of air conditioners, especially on hot summer days, can cause the unit to be weary and defective.

● Browse through different plans.

Since this is also an investment on your part, you should take your time and browse different plans offered by different home warranty companies. This will ensure that you find the right plan that works best for you.

● Look at the ratings.

When it comes to something like this, you should take note of the ratings of the company that you choose. Look up some reviews on Google and choose the company with excellent ratings.

Home warranties can be very handy for homeowners like you. However, you should never forget about proper appliance maintenance even with this convenient service contract. Hire a licensed technician to take a look at your HVAC system, or your washer and dryer, to prevent malfunctions. They will help you keep your home appliances in their optimal state, so you and your loved ones can continue enjoying the comfort and convenience of your appliances.

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