How to Know When it's Time to Replace Your AC Unit

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

In places living in extreme heat for nearly half the year, an air conditioner is vital for the health and comfort of your family. But just having an air conditioning unit isn’t enough; it’s vital that you make sure it’s working correctly and efficiently. If you don’t schedule regular air conditioning maintenance or fix AC …

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extend ac system life expectancy

Tips to Extend the Life Expectancy of Your AC System

Air conditioning systems are an expensive investment, especially here in Florida. With an endless string of hot summer days and warm weather almost all year, an air conditioner becomes the most important piece of a Florida home. But as your AC system takes a beating day after, extreme wear and tear is the norm and …

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home temperature zoning strategies

Top Strategies for Home Temperature Zoning

When it comes to the comfort of your family, you depend on your heating system air conditioner to provide the relief you need, but you want to do so efficiently while maximizing comfort. One heating and cooling option growing in popularity is temperature zoning. Have you ever been too hot in one room, then freezing …

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air conditioner hurricane preparation

How to Prepare Your AC System for a Hurricane

While our Florida weather is usually beautiful, hurricanes are unfortunately part of the equation. Preparing your home and family for an oncoming hurricane is a big job, but it’s vital that you also consider the protection of your AC unit. Given the importance and price of these precious machines, you want to avoid damaging these …

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How to Test Indoor Air Quality

When most people think about their home’s indoor climate, they usually think about the overall temperature. But another factor to consider is indoor air quality — a factor more important than ever. When our indoor air is clean, we usually notice it: the air may smell fresh or it feel good to breath in. However, …

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air conditioning affect sleep

How Can Your Home’s Temperature Affect Your Sleep?

We all know sleep is necessary for functioning and living a healthy life. Getting quality sleep is vital! But with the hectic lives we live, getting enough (and good quality) sleep becomes tough to manage. Have you ever wondered if temperature can affect your sleep? In this post, we’ll dive into the effects of temperature …

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benefits financing ac system

Benefits of Financing an AC System

When it comes to keeping a cool and comfortable home, having the right air conditioning system is essential. However, just like most machines you purchase, you get what you pay for! In order to get the best system out there with top-of-the-line features and energy-efficiency capabilities, expect it to be an investment. However, most air …

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air conditioning affects sinuses

How Does Air Conditioning Affect Your Sinuses?

During hot, muggy weather, nothing is more refreshing than relaxing in an air-conditioned home with a cool drink. Here in Florida, we definitely love our AC systems, and just like our cars and our homes, they require quite a bit of upkeep. Occasional repairs and regular maintenance are the norm, plus investments like dehumidifiers to …

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supercooling benefits

Supercooling Saves Money, Energy, and Wear on Your AC System

Have your energy bills climbed up lately? Do you notice your air conditioner continually turning on and off? If so, supercooling could be an excellent solution for your home. Supercooling involves the process of turning your thermostat down during off-peak electricity hours and back up during on-peak hours. For those looking for greater energy-efficiency and …

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