Programmable Thermostats

Lots of homeowners are making the switch from manual thermostats to programmable thermostats. There are many advantages of owning a programmable thermostat for your finances, comfort, and home. Read up on some of the reasons why a programmable thermostat makes a good buy:

1. Saves Money

There can be big cost savings when switching to a programmable thermostat. Energy bills can be expensive, and the best way to save on energy is to reduce your energy consumption. Programmable thermostats do just that with their ability to adjust the temperature to your comfort level and save up to 2% per electricity bill.

2. Perfect, Consistent Temperature

A programmable thermostat is able to keep your home consistently comfortable in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It also follows a steady programmed temperature and prevents major hot spots and cold spots in your home. You won’t need to adjust and readjust every time.

3. Energy-Efficient

It is very easy to curb your energy waste by simply switching to a programmable thermostat. You will enjoy a home that is able to use its resources more efficiently and reduce wear and tear.

4. Adjusts Temperature Based on Time of Day

Another added advantage of a programmable thermostat is that it can make adjustments depending on the day, position of the sun, and season. When the noon heat starts to warm up your home, your cooling system can automatically adjust.

5. Improved Layout

A programmable thermostat is designed in such a way that makes for easier temperature changes. There is no need for a physical dial, which can be less convenient. The touch screen is easier to operate, so you can see all the information you need about your unit at a glance. Many programmable thermostats can also connect to smartphones and wireless devices so you can access your home’s HVAC system even when you are away.

6. Zoning Heat and Cooling

Another plus side of programmable thermostats is that it can offer separate temperature controls for the different rooms in your home. So, if you prefer a different temperature setting for sleep than your children, you can all enjoy a comfortable temperature. No hassle.

7. Remote Access

Enjoy your vacations without worrying about your HVAC system back at home. Programmable thermostats have settings that you can use for a typical work week as well as for when you are away. You can even access your thermostat through your smartphone.

8. Time-Saving

You do not have to physically be there to operate a programmable thermostat, unlike a manual thermostat where you need to be on call to adjust the indoor temperature for your comfort and energy consumption. Reduce your energy consumption and even extend the lifespan of your HVAC system with a programmable thermostat. Manage your thermostat while you are away and get the optimal temperature throughout your home, no matter how many different zoning variations you need. It runs on a perfect schedule for consistent temperature throughout the day and season.

Programmable Thermostats & Electrical Repair Pros

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