How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Cutting down on energy consumption is important. Not only can it help you save money on your monthly bill, but it may also reduce your carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. Here are 26 simple yet effective tips on how to lower electric bills.

1. Renovate your house to give it better natural ventilation.
2. Improve the insulation of your home.
3. Inspect your home for leaks and repair them immediately.
4. Utilize windows and other forms of natural ventilation to control air circulation, temperature, and lights. This way, you can reduce your dependency on artificial HVAC and lighting systems.
5. Plant trees in your yard to block excess sunlight and heat from going into your house.
6. Choose appliances with Energy Star labels.
7. Choose HVAC units with the highest SEER/EER ratings you can possibly afford.
8. Get your home measured for a properly sized HVAC installation.
9. Give your HVAC system regular maintenance to keep it running as efficiently as possible.
10. Use fans instead of air conditioning when it is not too hot.
11. Use fans along with the AC for a better distribution of the conditioned air. A ceiling fan will do the job more effectively than any other type of fan.
12. Install a programmable thermostat to get more precise control of your HVAC system.
13. Some companies offer an energy audit, either paid or for free. This will allow you to review your energy consumption and see where you can reduce it.
14. Keep the lights off or dimmed in areas that are not in use.
15. Take quick showers to avoid overusing your water pump and heater.
16. Dry your laundry naturally because a dryer machine requires a lot of energy to run.
17. Switch your conventional lamps to LED lights because they are more energy-efficient.
18. Wash your dishes by hand to cut down on electricity and water usage.
19. Do maximum loads when doing your laundry for the highest efficiency.
20. Dress for the weather; wear layers in the winter and thin fabrics during the summer.
21. Use blankets during winter so your heating system doesn’t have to work so hard.
22. Keep your fridge and freezer full because your foods may act as insulation.
23. Do not put warm food in the fridge. Instead, let it cool to room temperature first.
24. Use lids while cooking because your food will get done faster, reducing the energy consumption of your stove and cooker hood.
25. Cut back on ironing. For clothes that are made of wrinkle-free materials, you can just fold them right away.
26. Always unplug every device that you are not using because they will still consume energy as long as they are connected, even if they are idle.

Developing new habits may not be easy. But as long as you are persistent, going low-energy will eventually become second nature. It is more than how to lower the electric bill. Your main goal is to consume as little energy as possible.

The Electrical Pros Can Lower Your Electric Bill

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