Central Air Repair

Central air conditioners are like your home’s very own refrigerators. Air conditioning systems help keep your home’s indoor air quality top-notch while keeping the temperature cool. A centralized air conditioning system is a system in which air is cooled in a central location and is then distributed to all the rooms in the house through a series of ducts.

Common Problems

Like any other electrical appliance, air conditioners, no matter what type, still need to be maintained and taken care of to deliver optimal performance. During hot seasons, people tend to run their central air conditioning system nonstop, which can lead to dust and dirt gathering on some of its parts, or worse, the system may start malfunctioning.
This is where proper care and maintenance come into play. An air conditioner that is properly cared for will always have clean filters and properly working parts. No matter how expensive or how good your air conditioning system is, it will not last as long as it is supposed to if it is not properly maintained.
Top air conditioning system brands may offer great features and have durable systems, but if the owner neglects to have a licensed technician check it, the system will inevitably run into some problems. Below are the top three most common air conditioner problems you may encounter and how you can resolve or prevent them:

1. Poor Airflow

Have you ever wondered why your home’s air feels humid even though the air conditioner is turned on? Well, it doesn’t matter what air conditioner type or brand you have — a dirty filter will always clog a system’s airflow. Dirty filters decrease a system’s efficiency and reduce the air conditioner’s ability to cool the air.
The best way to prevent this from happening is to check the system’s filter regularly and have it cleaned by certified technicians from time to time. For central AC systems, it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for when to have the filter cleaned or changed.

2. Temperature Sensor Problems

Central AC systems always come with a programmable thermostat, which enables homeowners to easily control and know the indoor temperature. However, one common problem a central AC system faces is displaying the wrong temperature.
If it seems too cold for your liking, yet the thermostat is displaying a high temperature, this may be because it is exposed to direct sunlight. To ensure that it displays the correct temperature, it is important to avoid putting the thermostat near direct sunlight.

3. Electronic Control Failure

The system’s compressor and fan can get worn out when they are frequently turned on and off. While it is normal for compressors and fans to be changed more than the other parts, their lifespan can become shorter when they are obstructed by certain objects.
The central AC unit’s outdoor compressor needs adequate airflow to work correctly. It is important to maintain a distance of 2-3 feet between the compressor and any other objects. It is also important to check for any signs of leaking refrigerant, iced coils, or obstructed thermostats.

The importance central air repair and maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Although AC systems will always bump into some problems, regularly having a licensed technician check and clean your AC unit will help prevent bigger problems in the future. Remember, no matter what brand your system is, if it is not regularly checked, it will not last as long as it should.

Florida Central Air Repair Pros

ECM Air Conditioning, with its headquarters located in Boynton Beach, FL, provides air conditioning services within Palm Beach County, Broward County, Martin County, and St. Lucie County. If you’re having issues with your HVAC system, we’re on-call and ready to assist you with your air conditioning needs. So if you’re in need of an HVAC Contractor, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an air conditioning service call diagnostic! Our HVAC experts will diagnose any issues that may be occurring with your HVAC system and help to repair your AC issue on the spot.

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