Zoning Your Home

One of the most concerning drawbacks of the central HVAC system is that it will distribute the heating and cooling evenly to every room of the house. While it is convenient if all rooms have the same requirement, it can be a huge waste of energy when unused rooms get conditioned as well. In any other case, most houses have different requirements of air conditioning for each room. Zoning your home is the best solution to settle this kind of problem.

What Does Zoning Your Home Mean

Zoning means grouping rooms in your home that have similar HVAC requirements. Each group will have its thermostat along with its temperature setting and adjustments. This trick is applicable for furnaces, central ACs, and heat pump systems.

You don’t need to install multiple sets of HVAC systems to facilitate the varying settings. Instead, you only need to install motorized dampers inside the ductwork and attach them to a thermostat. Feel free to set the thermostat, which later will control the dampers. The dampers will open and close to regulate the airflow in and out of the rooms.

One of the simplest zoning systems is to divide the upstairs from the downstairs. During the day, upstairs are rarely inhabitant. So you can push the cooling and heating to the minimum level. In commercial property, HVAC zoning can be even more complex.

The Benefits of Zoning

With a zoning system, all rooms in the house can get the cooling and heating as needed without having to be set up manually one by one. At this point, you can benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Easier Operation

Having a zoned central system is much easier to operate than installing an individual split AC unit for each room. You no longer need to make adjustments one by one multiple times a day. Just set the schedules and it is all good.

  • Better Comfort

No more feeling too cold or too hot in different rooms anymore. Anyone in the building will be comfortable despite having different requirements. It will still feel comfortable if you move from one room to another.

  • Higher Energy Efficiency

With lower heating and cooling requirements, you will automatically reduce the energy consumption of the appliance. Saving  on energy is vital for the planet due to  rising concerns of the climate crisis. Considering how much energy ACs typically expend, It’s a win-win situation.

  • Save Money

The initial cost you spend to install the zoning devices is not cheap. However, the benefits will pay off soon enough. Zoning your home HVAC may lower your energy bill, which means more money to save in the long run.

  • Longer Lifespan

Running it efficiently reduces strain on your AC unit. With a lower risk of overheating, your system will run smoothly. Combined with proper maintenance, you can expect the unit to have a  long life.

Properly zoning your home will improve the overall HVAC performance. On the contrary, if you are grouping rooms incorrectly, you will  place unnecessary  strain on your HVAC system. For  optimal results, it is much better to contact a professional service.

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