Will 2021 be an active hurricane season?

The hurricane seasons we’ve had for the last five years have exceeded the all-time average. Even the one in 2020 was record-breaking. And now that the 2021 hurricane season is drawing near, people are worried about how bad it will be.

The Hurricane Forecasts

Unfortunately, the hurricane season we are expecting this year has the potential to be catastrophic as well. In a press conference on May 30th, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stated that this year will still be an active year for storms.

The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st, and will end on November 30th. According to their forecast, the weather craze will reach its peak from August to September.

The forecasts also predicted that there could be around 13-20 named storms this year, with wind speeds of 36 mph or higher. About six to ten of these storms might develop into hurricanes as the winds reach 47 mph. Even more worrisome, three to five of those hurricanes could rise to a Category 3 or higher. The most severe hurricanes can reach up to 111 mph or faster.

Comparison to Previous Years

The NOAA calculates hurricane activities by comparing them with the statistics of the last 30 years. Compared to the average hurricane activities between 1990-2020, the 2021 forecast will be slightly more active. Even so, we can still hope that this time will not be as terrible as last year.

Even worse, this three-decade period has higher numbers compared to the period of 1980-2010. The older period had 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three severe hurricanes. Meanwhile, 1990-2020 had 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and also three severe hurricanes.

The hurricane season in 2020 alone holds the record for the worst hurricane season. There were 30 named storms, 14 hurricanes, and 7 catastrophic hurricanes. It was pretty devastating, especially because we were in the height of a pandemic.

The ENSO Cycle

Hurricane activities are heavily influenced by the El-Niño Southern Oscillator (ENSO) cycle, which is an irregular pattern of winds and temperatures of the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The pattern consists of three periods: neutral, El-Niño, and La Niña.

El-Niño means the surface is warmer than average. This condition will suppress hurricane activity and lead to drier seasons. On the contrary, La Niña refers to the cooling phase of the cycle. It mostly triggers hurricane activities and heavier rainfalls.

La Niña occured in 2020 and has just ended as of May 2021. The NOAA also noticed that the ENSO is in its neutral state right now. However, there are chances that La Niña may come back later in the hurricane season.

While the hurricane season last year was exhausting, now is not the time to let our guards down. Although La Niña ended last month, there is still a high possibility that we might experience the same disaster as last year. Furthermore, we also haven’t finished with the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep your ears open for your local forecast updates and precautions so that you can stay safe. Make sure to keep your family alert and prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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