Problems with the Supply Chain of AC Parts

Summer can be both a painful and pleasurable experience for Americans. Some want to enjoy and bask in the heat of the sun, while others find it dreadful. These people are more inclined to stay under their duvets with a chilly air conditioning unit running. Others have thoughts of getting a unit for themselves, but come up short due to the nationwide shortage. Not only are AC units experiencing a shortage, but AC parts as well. This means that there are delays in air conditioning part-related concerns being addressed and resolved.

For those unprepared, the air conditioning business is not faring well nowadays as the global pandemic continues to threaten and shutter businesses. Even repairs are partially impaired due to the unavailability of important air conditioning parts necessary for even the most common repairs.

Why Are These Things Happening?

Well, it’s all thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Air Conditioning units were rumored to be one of the main contributors of the exponential increase of cases in the United States and the world. This is because the virus can easily be circulated, and can often bypass the filters of the unit. During the pandemic, many individuals were fearful of allowing technicians into their homes to perform routine maintenance as well as other air conditioner services. As business began opening up, customers began opening their homes up again for technicians to make needed repairs, but this demand came all at once. As demand grew, supplies began dwindling as the manufacturer’s raced to meet the demand as well as catch up for lost time, due to manufacturer shutdowns and production lines coming to a complete hault. As the manufacturer’s ramped up they were faced with a second problem. Lack of raw materials as well as delays with parts being imported from overseas.

Raw materials are in short supply. There is an on-going shortage for copper and iron, two of the vital elements needed in the production of important AC parts. Exporting iron and copper from other parts of the globe would mean an increase in fees and market prices. If market prices increase, a decrease in sales and revenue is to be expected.

What Are Companies Doing So Far?

Many companies have been caught off guard by the A/C shortages. However, we at ECM have been prepping and stockpiling in order to ensure we have Air Conditioner units in stock, ready for our customer’s needs. The worst thing for customers to be caught unexpectedly by is being without A/C during the Summer due to lack of equipment as well as parts.

How Long Will This Shortage Last?

There is no exact date as to when the shortage will end. Companies are looking into alternatives and possible mitigations to help their customers deal with problems with their air conditioning units.

Suggestions like regular tune-ups and easy-to-do repairs are being recommended to customers. These tips are to help you, the consumer, spend less money on frequent repairs and to keep your unit well-maintained. This also helps to prevent any major problems in the future.

Companies, on their end, can benefit from these suggestions as they can focus more on severe unit problems.

Although it may not be good news for the majority of Americans, they are left with no choice but to follow protocols and suggestions. For now, following unit-saving tips can help alleviate unexpected burdens on your pockets. It may not be an enjoyable summer for all, but unfortunately, it is what it is.

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