How Should You Clean Your Ice Machine?

Even though it is just water that goes inside your ice machine, that does not mean it won’t get dirty. Therefore, you need to regularly clean your ice machine, just like you should maintain any home appliance.

Why You Should Clean Your Ice Machine

Even if the water is clean and clear, it still contains minerals and sediments. Along the way, these microcontaminants will build up in any area of your machine that is touched by the water. It will create slime, limescale, mold, etc., which could lead to problems such as:

  • Contaminating the ice it produces
  • Producing low-quality ice
  • Decreasing its performance and efficiency in general
  • Increasing the risk of more serious problems that will require a costly solution
  • Shortening its lifespan


Ideally, you should clean the exterior as soon as you see dirt or a stain on it. Meanwhile, the interior part of an ice machine needs to be cleaned at least once every three to six months, or anytime you notice the following signs:

  1. Ice smells strange or bad
  2. Ice does not taste like normal water
  3. The machine works more slowly than usual
  4. Ice cubes are not perfectly cubical
  5. Ice is too soft
  6. Ice is not clear


Try reading your user manual. Most manufacturers give specific instructions on how to properly wash your ice machine. Some units already have an automatic cleaning feature, which makes the process a lot easier. But generally, here are the steps:

Cleaning the Interior of Ice Machine Manually and Naturally

  1. Throw out all the ice and water until the machine is completely empty.
  2. If your ice machine has a washing mode, add in the recommended amount of ice machine cleaner. You can also use a homemade natural cleaner by mixing 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 tbsp of lemon juice, and one cup of water.
  3. Simply press the button and let the cycle finish.
  4. If your machine does not have this feature, spray in the vinegar solution and run the machine as usual.
  5. Throw away all the ice and water.
  6. Turn off your ice machine.
  7. Unplug the power and water supply.
  8. Disassemble all the parts that can be disassembled.
  9. Wipe everything using a soft cloth until they are not wet anymore.
  10. Wash them with the cleaner or vinegar solution.
  11. Rinse with clean and warm water.
  12. Wipe everything off again with a soft cloth.
  13. Let them air dry.
  14. Reassemble all the parts.
  15. Turn it on.
  16. Run the machine to make ice as usual.
  17. Throw away all the ice from the first production.
  18. Now, your machine is ready to be used again.

Cleaning the Exterior of the Ice Machine

  1. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust and minor stains.
  2. For greasy stains, use a damp cloth with a little bit of mild soap.
  3. Never use any sharp and abrasive materials to clean up the exterior of your ice machine.

The FDA classifies ice as “food.” That means there are standards to meet, especially if you use the ice machine for commercial purposes. Cleaning your ice machine also means prolonging its life. All in all, there is no reason not to do it.

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