Important Tips for Buying New HVAC Appliances: Energy Star Ratings

Different appliances may provide different levels of comfort to your home. They also consume different amounts of energy. And just so you know, higher energy consumption does not equal better comfort.

The best HVAC appliances to buy are the ones that have a good balance between energy consumption and performance. This is called efficiency. Efficiency is one important factor you need to consider when buying new HVAC appliances because it affects you big time in the long run.

Here is what you will get from energy-efficient appliances:

A Lower Electricity Bill

Energy-efficient appliances consume less energy than other appliances to deliver the same result. Less energy consumed means less money spent.

Better Environment

The electrical energy that your house uses comes from power plants. The more energy you use, the more energy the plants need to generate. This also generates emissions and pollution, especially if the power plants are coal-based. With the emerging issue of climate change, energy efficiency becomes something you can’t simply ignore.

How Do You Know Which Appliance is the Most Efficient?

Simple answer: Energy Star ratings.

Energy Star is a program from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is focused on energy efficiency. The institution provides information for customers about the energy efficiency of each product.

Energy Star gives certifications to appliances that are energy-efficient. This certification makes it easier for customers when choosing new appliances to buy.

It is not easy for an appliance to earn an Energy Star rating. There are elaborate requirements that an appliance needs to fulfill to be certified. The institution is unbiased and very professional. Energy Star is very strict with its rules in order to maintain its credibility.

For now, the Energy Star brand is recognized by more than 85% of households in the United States.

Spend More Money to Save More Money When Buying New HVAC Appliances

Appliances with Energy Star ratings are generally more expensive than unrated ones. But you need to understand that this label is not there to create pride in the product’s brand.

Appliances with better energy efficiency usually have the most advanced technology. They also use higher-quality materials. Thus, it makes sense that the selling price would be higher because the production costs were higher too.

In addition, what most people forget is that every appliance comes with two types of costs: the buying cost and the operating cost. Operating costs are actually higher than buying costs. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize this.

While Energy Star certified appliances tend to have higher buying costs, they have much cheaper operating costs. On the other hand, cheaper appliances usually cost more to operate.

If you do the math, it is clear which appliances can save you more money.


Efficiency is crucial when it comes to HVAC systems. It is best to put in the effort in the beginning because it will earn you long-term benefits in the future. Thanks to Energy Star ratings, choosing efficient HVAC appliances is much easier now!


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