When Should You Call for A/C Service?

Although some issues can be solved with simple DIY tips, there are certain problems that you should only trust the professionals to fix. These are problems that require specific skills and knowledge and for which a wrong attempt may do a lot more harm than good. Here are several examples of when you should call for a professional A/C service:

1.   AC Making Sounds

There are many kinds of sounds that your AC may make, but most of them are bad. A well-functioning AC should operate quietly. Thus, any unusual noise probably means that something is wrong with the system.

A clanking noise might indicate that there are loose fittings inside the unit. A clicking or buzzing sound might be a sign of an electrical fault. There are many other possibilities of what could cause your AC unit to behave this way. If you can’t find out why and how to fix it, it is better to get professional help than to guess.

2.   Low Refrigerant

According to the law, only people with the proper certifications can handle items containing refrigerant because the substance can be harmful if incorrectly handled. Therefore, do not attempt to DIY when your AC is leaking refrigerant.

Several signs that may indicate low or leaking refrigerant are inadequate cooling, ice forming around the indoor AC unit, water dripping from the indoor AC unit, and low or no airflow. When this happens, call for an A/C service immediately and don’t turn your system on. Forcing your system to run in this condition may lead to overheating and high chances of permanent breakage.

3.   Bad Smell Coming from the Unit

Don’t underestimate strange smells when you turn on your AC. While there are various potential culprits, most of them can lead to a serious problem if not handled immediately. Your AC unit might even stop working permanently if you keep it that way.

A rotten smell may mean that an insect or rat got stuck and died inside the unit. A burnt smell may mean that there is an electrical fault or overheating issue. Some other smells are not easy to guess, which means an HVAC technician should do a thorough inspection to find out the cause.

4.   Unexplainable Spike on Electric Bill

When your energy bill is surging suddenly and you have no other explanation, it is probably coming from your AC. This system tends to consume much more energy when it is not working properly.

The most common reasons for sudden inefficiency like this are lack of maintenance, improper usage, dirty elements, and old age. Most of these problems can be avoided by conducting regular maintenance every six months. But if the unit is already old, there is nothing that can fix it. In this case, you need a total replacement to avoid continuing to waste money. When your AC starts having problems, you should call for A/C service as soon as possible. Delaying this might cause the condition to worsen and make it even harder to bring it back to its optimal state. Also, it is always beneficial to perform regular maintenance, even if you aren’t noticing any issues with your unit.



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